Happy Fly Limited


Happy Fly Limited (HFL) is an Insurtech MGA based in London offering unique insurance and technology solutions to Airlines to mitigate the financial and administrative burdens of EU261 Flight Delay Compensation exposures.
HFL has developed flexible and innovative insurance solutions designed to mitigate an Airline’s financial exposure to their current, future and historic EU261 compensation liabilities and cap EU261 to a single predictable cost.
In addition, HFLs unique Payments+ secure cloud-based claims portal autonomously manages, validates, and verifies passenger EU261 claims as well as paying compensation to passengers anywhere in the world.
HFL feel that they are well positioned to assist Airlines in the Post-Covid environment, where Airlines are under pressure to restructure into leaner more efficient and cost-effective operating models. The solutions HFL can deliver to Airlines will reduce liabilities to increase borrowing potential as well as providing financial certainty and balance sheet protection, which together with HFLs Payments+ Claims Portal, will be a paradigm shift in customer service and deliver significant cost savings to Airlines worldwide.