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The problem is an overly complicated airline communication system.


There are 8 systems in use at the moment, because each one has inherent limitations, that cause 5 communication problems.


The consequences are reduced safety, increased delays and cost.


Our solution removes the inherent limitations, and solves the 5 problems.


We are digitally transforming the airlines communications system, with disruptive technology.


The current version of our application, will improve the airlines delay and disruption management process by 10%. This will create a $3B saving in direct cost to the airlines. This is made possible by more effective collaboration between pilots, operations control and maintenance. Real time data sharing combined with distributed decision making – so that they arrive at the right decisions sooner.


From that platform we will become the lead airline communication system. This market is currently $3.1B growing to $5.2B by 2022. Our plan is to capture a significant portion of that growth.


We have the team founded on domain expertise – combined +40 years as airline pilots. Implemented by a formidable development team – again +40 years building software for the airline and the telecommunications industry. Driven by a senior sales and business development leader. Advised by experienced finance, aviation regulations and business development mentors.


We have unfair advantage – first movers – domain expertise – programming team – designed ease of use (minimal training required) – scalable universal solution (little or no customization needed) - no capital expenditure – seamless integration (it is available without integrating to legacy systems)


We have a scalable business model – value metric-based pricing – strategic partnership with trusted brand in Motorola Solutions, recognized as the leaders in push to talk voice communications and selected as the provider for the US Government FirstNet program.


Industry Traction – Seed funded by Propeller Shannon, Irish Aviation Authority, Boeing and Datalex. Backed by the European Space Agency with funding and technical support. Selected by Enterprise Ireland as a High Potential Startup.


Next steps - we are beginning a 3-week trial with Aer Lingus on the 6th of May. We are seeking a $1m investment to support its launch post trial, add a number of additional functions, make it available on android and desktop computers.