Flyvbird GmbH


Our unique advantage in the market is due to our use of advanced mathematical modeling within our software algorithm, enabling us to efficiently pool decentral traffic streams and optimize on-demand commercial offers, ultimately allowing us to offer the fastest decentral connections at competitive prices with trains and cars. The mathematical model provides a solid foundation for scalability and efficiency, allowing us to rapidly expand our business and enter new markets.
Our business model is based on materializing a high network of underutilized airfields, enabling us to conquer an unoccupied market without competition. We are offering fast, efficient, and affordable connections in low-volume decentral regional markets, with the promise of faster connections, less complex travel journeys, arrivals closer to the destination, and vast time savings
At flyv, we are committed to using advanced technology and innovative strategies to optimize our operations and provide a more efficient and cost-effective travel experience. Our proprietary flyvAI algorithm software sets us apart from traditional airlines and positions us as a leader in the aviation industry. With our focus on meeting the needs of individual passengers, we are poised to disrupt the air travel industry and provide a new and exciting way of flying.