Deepair Solutions

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deepair is an artificial intelligence company that powers the growth of next generation travel retailers. Through deep learning technology, we infuse a supplier's digital storefront with individualized business decisions that are both profitable to the supplier and relevant to the traveler. 

Today's digital native travelers prefer businesses that can deliver personalized and frictionless experience.  Delighting a single traveler is easy, but doing it consistently and at scale is hard. Current travel technology is built to serve an average customer and streamline business processes. It is not built to understand and act on an individual traveler. At deepair, we build Artificial Intelligence tools that are designed to discover intricate (deep) patterns in traveler behavior.  These patterns are then used to optimize the traveler's journey through individualized commercial and service decisions. Through our in-house deep learning research and a network of universities, AI experts and startups, we create and support an ecosystem that brings state-of-the-art AI to the travel industry.