At Cylo we have brought together decades of knowledge from around the digital world to create our platform, Allexis. We are a technology solution provider and do not believe in the restraints of pre-packaged solutions; we work with our customers to tailor our products to their needs and build end-to-end solutions that really make a difference.

Allexis not only supports businesses to manage, promote, sell and distribute digital content through customised webstores, apps and within digital brand promotions, but it also empowers all players within the travel and holiday sector to own as much of their customers’ journey as they see fit; from booking through to arriving at their hotel, using captivating entertainment solutions.

Having worked with all the majors across the music, ePublishing, Film and News industries we are able to offer both the technology and front list content that our partners require to offer exciting solutions for their consumers and elevate them above the competition.

Our ever-growing repertoire of products include:

·       Allexis Travel

·       Allexis On-Board

·       Allexis Music

·       Allexis ePublishing

·       Allexis Education

·       Allexis Play

·       Allexis Pages

·       The Lounge

For more information about us, please feel free to visit our website: