Somewhere, a happy customer of yours tweets a glowing review of their experience with your company. On the other side of the world, a journalist features you in an article about the best airline brands of 2019. Elsewhere, a Reddit user is complaining about the delay on one of your flights due to which they missed their sister's wedding. A thousand miles away, a competitor posts an announcement about their expansion plans for the coming year. What if you (and everyone on your team, from Social Media to PR to Product to Marketing) could have access to that data in real time?

That's exactly what Awario does. Awario is a social listening and analytics tool that lets you monitor mentions of your brand and manage your company’s online reputation: in addition to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit), Awario monitors blogs, news sites, and the rest of the web. We crawl over 13 billion pages daily to make sure you never miss an important conversation online. The tool comes equipped with powerful analytics like Sentiment Analysis, Share of Voice, Key Influencers, Topic Clouds, Mention Maps, and more - this lets you see the big picture behind your brand’s online presence and measure the success of your marketing campaigns and new initiatives.

However, Awario’s isn’t just a brand monitoring or reputation management tool. The platform also lets you monitor and analyze your competitors, conduct market research, or even set up complex Boolean queries for the less obvious use cases. For instance, Awario lets you identify influencers to partner with, detect plagiarized copies of your content, find potential customers who are looking for a product like yours, and monitor linkless brand mentions that you can turn into links.

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