Amygda Labs


Amygda helps airlines, airports, and lessors extend the life of aircraft and other industrial assets. We bring different types of equipment and fleets together to find trends and provide insight for maintenance engineers and engineering services, providing an overall picture of your fleet. Our platform provides real-time insights, removing unscheduled maintenance, and increasing the efficiency of operations.

Built by members of the ex-Rolls-Royce Digital team, Amygda offers an independent alternative to OEMs. We offer a choice of over-the-cloud or on-premise solutions for added data security.

Benefits to airlines
  • Analytics and visualization for high-frequency 1Hz data, in seconds
  • Airline-first approach with algorithms customized to your operation, environment, and fleet
  • Added Micro-services to increase EGT margins, fuel-efficient flying, and reduced carbon footprint suggestions, all driven from the same data

Benefits to airports
  • Enable better maintenance strategy of equipment and reduce time and resource spent on repetitive tasks

Benefits to lessors
  • Manage overall asset performance profile for each of your separate customers
  • Overview of potential shop visits to manage the asset better and keep the asset value high