Day One - Thursday 5th September

10:30-12:30 BTA TMC Panels Visitor Seminar

13:00-16:00 Future Aviation Leaders Visitor Seminar

16:30 Women in Travel Mixer




Day Two - Friday 6th September

10:30-12:30 BTA TMC Panels Visitor Seminar

13:00-14:00 Future Aviation Leaders Visitor Seminar





Please note
that the exhibition is only open to visitors on Thursday 5th - Friday 6th September . Visitors will not have access on the Wednesday 4th September, this is for VIP delegates only. To purchase a full delegate pass please book here .




Aviation Fest - Seminar C, Thursday 5 September 2019

Aviation Fest - Seminar C

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Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

What’s another Year – the NDC debate continues

  • Is the IATA vision of 20+ airlines transacting 20% of their volume through NDC connects in 2020 still achievable?
  • What impact on efficiency and productivity is NDC having on TMC’s
  • Is personalisation still a distant reality at company or traveller level
  • Can a TMC service an NDC booking yet
Moderator: Steve Dunne, CEO, Digital Drums Ltd
David Bishop, Commercial Director, Gray Dawes Travel
Richard Addey, Regional Director, Sabre
Khalid Othman, Airline Relationship Manager, Clarity
Daniel Murphy, Ndc Onboarding Manager, British Airways
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Morning Refreshment Break

Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Commoditised or Personalised – have we lost focus on value and service?

  • How are specialist sectors being considered in a commoditised NDC debate
  • Will specialist high value sectors benefit from NDC
  • Have airlines lost focus on their most loyal and high yield customers
  • Are airlines commercially aligned to deliver product and services to specialist sectors
Moderator: Steve Dunne, CEO, Digital Drums Ltd
Rami El-Dahshan, Head Of Tmc And European Sales, Virgin Atlantic
Steve Barrass, Chief Executive Officer, TAG (The Appointment Group)
John O'Sullivan, Managing Director, Key Travel
Christina Lawford, Managing Director, Diamondair International


Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

How is the war for talent evolving in aviation?

  • What impact is the apprenticeship levy, or equivalent, having on hiring the best talent?
  • To what extent does an organisation’s social enterprise (CSR, environmentalism etc.) have on their recruitment strategies?
  • How will Brexit affect the attraction and retention of top talent in aviation, for UK and European companies?
  • Which strategies can airlines use to retain their top talent once it has been won?
Moderator: Claire Steiner, Director And Chair Of Education And Training Committee, Institute of Travel of Tourism
Claire Evans, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, easyJet
Gareth Lau, Chairperson, IASA
Alessandra Alonso, Founder, Women in Travel CIC
Mifzal Ahmed, Strategy Manager, Flybe
Heather Mackintosh
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

An Ancillary Strategy for The Modern Marketplace

  • The significance of ancillary revenue in today’s airline industry
  • The right strategy hinges upon the identity of the airline
  • Employing a blend of staple and innovative ancillary items
Heather Mackintosh, Commercial Graduation And Revenue Management Analyst, Thomas Cook
Kasia Mieszczak
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Innovating in aviation

  • Exploring new technologies such as AI, VR and autonomous vehicles to ease commercial and operational pain points
  • Collaborating with multiple stakeholders in creating streamlined solutions
  • Evaluating which disruptive tech will most disrupt the aviation industry in the future
Kasia Mieszczak, Innovation Executive, I.A.G. Cargo
Michal Kuchmacz
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

The future of network planning

  • Understanding the importance of effective network planning
  • Effectively managing stakeholder relations and interdepartmental collaborations
  • What is the future of network planning with the influence of big data and new technologies?
Michal Kuchmacz, Network Planning Manager, Flybe
Samantha Gemmell
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

NDC – An airline account manager’s view

  • Adoption and reception of NDC within the industry
  • Launching the Qantas Channel and Qantas Distribution Platform
  • Applications of new technology in the future
Samantha Gemmell, Account Executive, Qantas Airways Limited
Stijn Wolff
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Digitisation in passenger operations

  • Driving synergies and maximise impact by combining the potential of Digitising Passenger operations, operational intelligence and access to live operations
  • Providing contextualised and action-oriented information to front line staff
  • Supporting collaborative, data driven and integral decision making
Stijn Wolff, Digital Development Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Accelerating change with diversity & inclusion

  • Consider female board-level and c-suite representation, it is arguably increasing, however how can it be expanded further?
  • What are the biggest challenges greater LGBTQ+ & BAME representation in commercial aviation and how can organisations provide more role models for younger people within such minority groups?
  • How can the industry evolve its recruitment practises across their organisations to embed equality?
  • Evaluate the importance and commercial benefits of a culturally diverse team and an environment of inclusion to retaining diverse talent within your organisation
Moderator: Daniel Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, T.T.G. Media Ltd
Sophie Dekkers, Uk Country Director, easyJet
Estelle Hollingsworth, Vice President, Cabin, Virgin Atlantic
Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Women in Travel Mixer

To complement our focus on diversity in the industry, we want to embrace the opportunity we have to provide a platform for women to come together, share experiences and take some inspiration back to their organisations.Opening inspirational speaker will be Dupsy Abiola, Head of Global Innovation, International Airlines Group.As leaders in the tech and aviation industries, these women have depths of knowledge and advice to share so join us to hear their thoughts on how women can succeed in the aviation & travel industries.The Women in Travel & Aviation Mixer will welcome women from all aspects of the travel industry for this informal networking session. Women from any sector of travel and those looking to join the industry from university will have the opportunity to meet others who are facing similar challenges and share experiences, advice and connections.To attend you must sign up for BOTH the Women in Travel Mixer and a Free Exhibition Pass.The mixer takes place on Thursday 5th September at 17:00-18:15 in the exhibition hall.
Moderator: Alessandra Alonso, Founder, Women in Travel CIC
Kate Mcwilliams, Captain, easyJet
Patrizia Gallo, Chair, Foreign Airline Association UK
Beth Taylor, Director, Head of Marketing, Routehappy and ATPCO
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Seminar C - Day 2

Aviation Fest - Seminar C

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Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Is it all about the Tech – how much more can the traveller take?

  • What technology is important to the business traveller and maintains duty of care
  • How does the buyer navigate through the travel tech swamp of apps to deliver on policy
  • Does the business traveller get as good an experience as the leisure traveller
  • Are we seeing start ups that will solve the business traveller tech noise that will reduceComplexity
Moderator: Steve Dunne, CEO, Digital Drums Ltd
Paul Broughton, Regional Managing Director, Northern Europe, Travelport
Mick Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer, Norad Travel Group
Mike Atherton, Chief Executive Officer, Mantic Point Solutions Ltd
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Morning Refreshment Break

Panel discussion
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Are you Content with your Content – how many choices does the business traveller really need?

  • Is the traveller really concerned about GDS, NDC, LCC, HRS,, EAN or Trivago?
  • What drives the booker and traveller content decision making process, policy, price or personal choice
  • Is the role of booking technology to be a warehouse of every option filling its shelves to prove its value
  • How does the industry convince the buyer and traveller they offer the best value and choice
Moderator: Steve Dunne, CEO, Digital Drums Ltd
Bex Deadman, Commercial Director, Blue Cube Travel
Samantha Cande, Country Manager, Traveldoo
Elisabeth Martins, Managing Director, ATRIIS
Ludo Verheggen, Director Global Air Content Adoption Strategy, AMADEUS
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Networking lunch break


Daniel Bloch
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Aviation & the Environment: How the next generation must tackle the stigma

  • Addressing the trends of Flight Shaming, Eco-Taxes and Boycotts
  • Understanding and contextualising the criticism
  • Taking on the responsibility to effectively respond to the scrutiny
Daniel Bloch, Network And Partnership Management, Lufthansa
Evans Betsis
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

Fuelling digital transformation with data

  • Data & analytics
  • AI & machine learning
  • Data visualisation
Evans Betsis, Data Enterprise Architect, Thomas Cook
Giulia Morandin
Aviation Fest - Seminar C

The importance of data in Network planning

  • The challenge of easyJet’s network decisions in a dynamic environment and with incomplete information
  • The importance of data as a proxy for the future
  • The evolution of data science and network planning
Giulia Morandin, Network Manager Europe, easyJet
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