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Seminar B – Start-Up Village

Aviation Fest - Seminar B

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Latrina Pope
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

How start-ups can navigate big-airline procurement and contracting: a one-to-one discussion between Volantio and Delta's former GM of Supply Chain Management

  • Big-airline procurement and contracting processes can often kill start-ups innovation dreams
  • But does it have to be this way?How can start-ups better navigate these roadblocks to successfully partner with big airlines?
  • Volantio CEO Azim Barodawala sits down for an exclusive chat with Redlined CEO Latrina Pope, Delta's former GM of Supply Chain Management
Latrina Pope, Principal, Redlined
Slobodan Vuckovic
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

The Age of Global Talents

  • Local vs Global Talents pool
  • Remote teams management challenges
  • Out of the box solutions
Slobodan Vuckovic, Founder, AIRDB
Tom Charman
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

What does an increasing demand for personalization mean for customer service in the aviation industry?

  • Outline of who is expecting the increased personalization (millennials, frequent travelers, business customers)
  • How can we use data and technology to personalise the overall experience?
  • How do airlines/aviation industry remain relevant and connecting with customers post trip
Martin O Regan
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Connecting Airline Passengers and Destination Experiences

  • Destination Video Guides
  • Convert Destination Content Cost to Revenue
  • Inspire Travel at Every Step of Passenger Journey
Martin O Regan, Chief Executive Officer, InflightFlix International Limited
Francois Chazelle
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

OptiClimb: Reducing aircraft fuel burn thanks to Machine Learning performance models for each tail number

  • Climb can represent up to 30% of total fuel for medium haul flights, offering huge potential for savings
  • With customized speed changes during climb, speeds can be adjusted to individual aircraft performance, winds & temperatures and altitude
  • Airlines can leverage flight data to save 5 to 6% of climb fuel
Francois Chazelle, Partner and Cco, Safety Line
Kartik Yellepeddi
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

It is time to turn airline industry’s dial from AVERAGE customer segment to INDIVIDUAL traveler.

  • Digital native companies, like Google and Amazon, are airline industry's newest competitors.
  • To escape the commoditization trap, and compete effectively, airlines need to master the SCIENCE of understanding their customers and the ART of monetizing this deep understanding.
  • Airlines need new tools, powered by deep learning and blockchain, to PREDICT, ACT and SERVE at an individual customer level.
Kartik Yellepeddi, Co-Founder And Head Of Product, Deepair Solutions
Richard Vilton
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

How IAG Cargo are using innovative real-time data analytics and visualisation at LHR

  • Vehicle telematics and the value of such data within airfield vehicle & cargo operations
  • IAG’s Hangar51 accelerator programme and Emu’s involvement
  • Emu’s cloud-based FLO.W data processing and visualisation platform in use for IAG at Heathrow
Richard Vilton, Chief Executive Officer, Emu Analytics
Yotam Idan
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

WeSki is the global platform for ski holidays, providing a unique customer experience to book flexible, personalised ski holidays seamlessly.

3 most important questions our presentation will answer:1.Where is theopportunity in the Package holiday market today?2.How does WeTrip provide a completely new customer experience over the traditional ski holiday providers?3.Why WeTrip has a sustainable business model that allows it to grow fast?
Yotam Idan, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, WeTrip
Cristiana Vicovan
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Go solo, experience together!

- Bringing together solo travelers with shared interests on the road to the destination (flights/trains) and in-destination (shared accommodation and group activities).- Can AI cure loneliness? You may start off traveling alone, but you don’t have to stay isolated or feel lonely on the road or when you get there. Our goal is to use AI to bring people physically together and improve their chances for a more meaningful and enjoyable experience when they travel.- We’re revolutionizing loyalty and bringing a new value proposition: We give you interest on your data!We believe users should be rewarded when their data is being used by AI to generate personalized recommendations that then leads to a sale. ( When you fly you get miles/points, when you stop flying you don't get miles anymore, however the airline company still uses your data to make more sales, but the users whose data is being used are not getting anything. We're trying to fix that.
Cristiana Vicovan, CTO, UIQT
Boaz Omanuti
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

2020 will be the year your call centers will increase loyalty more than your mileage program

  • larger airlines pay more for customer happiness
  • call center or cost center
  • creating agents that creating loyalty
Markus Fuchs
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Software-defined Radar: ADS-B Intrusion Detection and Mode-S/SSR Monitoring

  • ADS-B is inherently insecure and the Mode S/SSR links are a vital part of the surveillance infrastructure.
  • We present a comprehensive security and monitoring solution to mitigate threats, check transponder conformance and detect RF spectrum interference.
  • Our system already identified transponder anomalies which are subject to investigation by authorities.
Markus Fuchs, System Architect, Sero Systems
Etienne De Verdelhan
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Reinventing the inflight shopping experience

  • How to capitalize on flight time to sell more dutyfree products without any operational or logistical constraints?
  • How to bypass the limitation and costs of satellite connectivity to propose a fast browsing for passengers?
  • How to propose a relevant product offer to passengers?
Etienne De Verdelhan, Co-Founder, Digital &Technology Leader, Airfree
Mikhail Klassen
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Artificial Intelligence: The Path to Competency-Based Training in Aviation

  • The regulatory groundwork has been set for the transition to competency-based training in aviation
  • It necessitates a data-driven approach for the delivery of real-time training insights and competency measures
  • Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are enablers for competency-based training and critical to ensure continued safety in a rapidly changing and growing industry
Adrian Zurita
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Ruuby - Wellness and beauty when travelling

  • How time starved travellers can access wellness and beauty needs.
  • How the on demand trend look for the beauty industry: when and where you need it, bookable though a mobile app.
  • The importance for aviation and hospitality businesses to offer more wellness and beauty.
Adrian Zurita, Operations Manager, Ruuby
Michiel Selier
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Leading the charge towards zero-emission aviation

  • The third revolution in aviation is electric, and it starts today
  • Ampaire’s compelling and pragmatic approach for electrifying regional aviation
  • The positive impact on airlines, routes and communities
Michiel Selier, Euro Representative, Ampaire
Bala Chandran
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Improving On-Time Performance through targeted schedule adjustments

  • Improving on-time performance of a schedule is often a manual process
  • Lumo makes targeted suggestions to help identify flights or stations where small changes to the schedule are most likely to yield big improvements in OTP and robustness to disruptions
  • The solution is available in the cloud and doesn't need deep technology integration
Bala Chandran, CEO, Lumo
John Roberts
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Blockaviation - Unifying the fragmented aircraft records market.

More info:Currently 60% of aircraft records are stored in fragmented systems in the form of millions of scanned documents, and solutions, if they exist, are specific to these single records systems. Blockaviation is tackling this problem by creating a global register for aircraft records.See how Blockaviation integrates with existing infrastructure seamlessly, to guarantee the authenticity of scanned records. Making this record searchable and retrievable across all platforms from a single interface. This allows for solutions to be developed which address records across all platforms, instead of just one.
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

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Seminar B – Start-Up Village

Seminar B – Start-Up Village

Lucy Illidge
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Challenging the status quo of airline distribution

  • Current airline distribution channels are not able to support the future of airline retailing
  • Kyte, removing barriers to entry for travel companies and providing direct access to airlines through a REST API
  • What will the future of aviation look like with the adoption of NDC and direct connections with airlines?
Carlo Zachau
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Drive ancillary revenues along your travelers journey

  • The Opportunity - Travel booking remains fragmented and causes headaches for both traveler and travel company
  • The Solution - Integrated Smart Travel Platform with curated ecosystem
  • How the Yilu platform can support this solution
Carlo Zachau, Senior Venture Development Manager, Yilu
Antoine Jeannin
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Boarding Ring brings motion sickness to a definitive end!

Antoine Jeannin, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Boarding Ring
Javier Pita
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

NaviLens, the digital signage that helps the visually-impaired people on airports and that solves the wayfinding for everyone else.

* Visually impaired people have difficulties to be autonomous when they are in unknown spaces. NaviLens uses a new computer vision algorithm that helps the visually impaired to be completely independent.* NaviLens doesn't require the implementation of costly maintenance Bluetooth beacons. Instead uses printed signage can be added to the existing signs with no maintenance.*The signage serves for the sighted people too, serving the information up 18 languages and offering a very innovative augmented reality wayfinding solution.
Javier Pita, Chief Executive Officer, Neosistec - Navilens
Darach O Comhrai
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Improve Disruption Management

  • The Current Process
  • The Role of Communication Systems
  • Improvements Achievable Today
Darach O Comhrai, Frequency
Hongbo Sun
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Liberate duty free without boundaries

  • Is the duty free business dying for airlines when at least 3 leading air carriers cease operations of their on-board duty free programme in a single month?
  • What is the best solution to address the outdated model of duty free shopping for airlines, duty free operators, and air travellers?
  • How can we transform the boring catalogue into
Yadhushan Mahendran
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Your in-flight food tray can make you money!

  • Environmental impact of outdated in-flight cabin hardware and infrastructure.
  • NEOS Fly, a forefront to creating sustainable cabin hardware through an innovated in-flight food tray that reduces costs and increases revenue with its sustainable material and technology.
  • Taking sustainable material and technology innovation as showcased in “NEOS Fly” to a bigger and more disruptive scale within the aviation industry.
Yadhushan Mahendran, Chief Executive Officer, Concept
Brian Whelan
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Passengers' Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Accepting Digital Tokens or Coins as Refund or Compensation

  • Airlines in EU currently paying nearly €3 billion in compensation, but do so reluctantly, thus losing money and passenger loyalty in the whole painful process
  • Travacoin has built a blockchain based payment solution which will save airlines up to 30% in cost of refunds and also restore passenger relations
  • Over the summer we conduct a passenger survey with an EU airline and UK airport testing passengers' likely uptake of such a refund and compensation scheme and test their likely dispersal of their windfall across a range of retail options.At the Festival, we will reveal the findings and quantify the gains for airlines and retailers.
Brian Whelan, CEO, TravaCoin
Claudio Marturano
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Innovation in Training and Support

  • Why support is so necessary.Dissemination of information is not enough.
  • Introduction to Continuous Learning principles.
  • Mental health, Fatigue and Soft skills training for all aviation personnel.
Claudio Marturano, Managing Director, Nubis Aviation Ltd
Adam Durant
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Making aircraft maintenance and flight operations smarter

Unplanned maintenance and AOG costs aviation up to £47b each year and digital solutions can save around 65% of this costSatavia technology combines data science, AI, engineering and atmospheric science to track aircraft exposure to damaging atmospheric contaminantsWe enable OEM, MRO and airlines to be more proactive during aircraft inspection and overhaul, and can improve predictive maintenance and reduce AOG
Adam Durant, Chief Executive Officer, Satavia
Tim Rogers
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

The end of the GDS? The benefits and challenges of direct connections

  • Distribution via a GDS doesn't match the expectations of today's airlines, travel sellers and passengers
  • Direct connections have the potential to change the game - but time-consuming bespoke integrations are a barrier to adoption
  • With the Duffel platform, travel sellers only have to build one simple integration, opening up the benefits of direct connections to the whole industry
Tim Rogers, Software Engineer, duffel
Norris Tie
Aviation Fest - Seminar B

Muting the Aircraft's Sonic Boom to Usher in Supersonic Commercial Aviation for Good

  • Unveiling Exosonic's new quiet supersonic airliner concept
  • How muting the sonic boom unlocks a 2x bigger premium passenger and routes market
  • How cutting flight times in half shortens your flight schedules and why we're going to succeed
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