Seminar A – Travel TechNology
Visitor Seminar


Day 1 - Thursday 5th September

10:00 - 15:00 – Distribution & Ancillary Sales

15:00 - 16:20 – Airport Technology




Day 2 - Friday 6th September

10:20-12:00 – IFEC and Smart Travel

12:00 - 14:20 – Marketing



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that the exhibition is only open to visitors on Thursday 5th - Friday 6th September . Visitors will not have access on the Wednesday 4th September, this is for VIP delegates only. To purchase a full delegate pass please book here .




Seminar A - Technology

Aviation Fest Seminar A

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Iztok Franko
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Airline Digital Retailing - The Present and the Future

  • Get exclusive insights and trends from the new Diggintravel 2019 Digital Retailing research
  • See data and benchmarks from 2 years of research and more than 50 surveyed airlines
  • Understand the future trends - see real examples of what the best airlines are doing to grow ancillary revenue
Iztok Franko, Founder And Editor-In-Chief, Diggintravel
Ross Mcmahon
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Those who don’t rent, ride.

Ross Mcmahon, Director Of Cartrawler Mobility, CarTrawler
Shikha Chadha
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Rate Parity - Closing the last mile loop

  • Multidimensional impact of rate disparity in airline industry
  • Garnering actionable insights and preventing revenue leakage
Shikha Chadha, Vice President, RateGain
Boyan Manev
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Beyond Offer Optimization – Retailing the essential next step

  • We all understand the importance of optimized offers. But what is the point unless we can create an optimal user experience to deliver those personalized offers?
  • The natural progression is for airlines to become retailers – to deliver optimized offers through an optimized customer experience.
Christopher Keen
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Adnexa: How airlines generate money with targeted advertisement

  • The new and disruptive approach to ancillary revenues
  • Creating highly targeted ad space on boarding passes
  • Adnexa as an automated digital matchmaker between passenger data with highly relevant advertising content
Christopher Keen, Managing Director - Platforms & Products, Voyego
David Hoar
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Scaling the Personalisation Curve

  • What steps to take towards customer personalisation - whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or a personalisation veteran
  • How to balance the most critical technology, operational strategy, teams and people at each stage
  • Aim for a personalisation “north star” without being weighed down by the scale of the transformation ahead
David Hoar, Director, Enterprise Sales, Boxever
David Turton
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Leveraging Data to Deliver Personalised Experiences

  • Personalisation doesn’t stop at the Offer/Price - it considers how best to communicate that offer at each touchpoint
  • Major OTAs are investing in sophisticated, data-driven experimentation platforms to help them optimise their utilisation of valuable screen real-estate
  • We present some of the principles and best practices behind these platforms and ideas for how airlines could deploy similar technology to accelerate their personalisation capability.
David Turton, Chief Technology Officer, Branchspace
Andrea Cartwright
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Turning Your Customers’ Questions Into an Opportunity to Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue

Description: Conversational interfaces such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat are the new entry points to engage with your customers. Each has billions of users, so now is the time to tap into your customer conversations, queries and questions and create value for your travel brand - at the same time as reducing costs. But it can be hard to know where to start.
Andrea Cartwright, Vice President Of Sales (T-Social), OpenJaw Technologies
Maxim Draschinsky
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Building a modern booking engine

  • Business goals and technology challenges
  • Architectural approach: Cloud/Microservices
  • Ensuring reliability and scalability
Maxim Draschinsky, Delivery Director, Arcadia
Roni Parshani
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Using AI to minimize Churn ratio on your website

  • Understand why & when your website visitors are leaving.
  • Use AI to provide visitors that abandoned a personalized offer.
  • Simplicity and AI as key factors for converting returning visitors.
Roni Parshani, Chief Executive Officer, SolringAir
Harald Eisenaecher
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The Future of Pricing Intelligence in the age of NDC, personalisation and machine learning

In the age of NDC, airlines are regaining control over their distribution model, allowing for more sophisticated retailing techniques with differentiated and personalised offers. Complexity is increasing, along with the pressure on revenue. Pricing intelligence based on up-to-date airfare information is changing the rules of the game not only for airlines but for the travel industry at large. Join us to hear how the travel landscape is changing and how machine learning and business intelligence are playing a role in this transformational journey.
Nicola Pilling
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Collaboration enhances loyalty and increases revenue - A Wizz Air and ParkVia Partnership Case Study

  • Why and how should you collaborate
  • The perfect trip starts before arrival at the airport
  • Keeping it simple
Nicola Pilling, Head Of Global Partners, ParkVia
Luca Balbiani
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Amadeus at the heart of travel

Using the latest technology, Amadeus connects travel players and make journeys happen – journeys that are personalized and rewarding. We built technology that help travel players to run their businesses and improve the travel the experience all around the world. We continue to innovate bringing more products and services to market as quickly as possible so we can deliver on customer expectations and respond to industry challenges.
Luca Balbiani, Solution Manager, Northern and Western Europe, Amadeus IT Group SA
Manish Nagpal
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The Path To Dynamic Offers – Where Are You?

    ic offers are widely regarded the next big revenue transformation opportunity for air commerce. However,unlocking the benefits doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey. From the trailblazers at Farelogix, discover the path to dynamic offer maturity, plot your current position, and learn how to realise results along the way.
  • Get up-to-speed with the opportunity that can turbo-charge revenues by ~6%
  • Discover insights Farelogix has gleaned from working with dynamic offer airline pioneers
  • Navigate your way to Dynamic Offer maturity
Manish Nagpal, Vice President Global Sales Engineering, Farelogix
Mike Blanchard
Aviation Fest Seminar A

It’s time to question the future of disruption communication channels

  • WhatsApp: Is it worth it?
  • Is SMS dead?
  • Should you keep developing your app?
Mike Blanchard, Business Development Manager, 15below


Benoit Verbaere
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The airport in 2030: 10 predictions for the next 10 years

  • What will the passenger experience and the operations efficiencies that support that experience in the airport look like in 2030?
  • While most airports and airlines tend to overestimate the rate of change that occurs in 2 years, what is certain is that the rate will be faster than ever before?
  • We need to be prepared.We’ll see you in 2030.!!
Benoit Verbaere, Lead Architect, SITA
Christiaan Hen
Aviation Fest Seminar A

How AI and video analytics can increase efficiency and safety of the aircraft turnaround process for both airports as well as airlines.

  • Little (real-time) insight in the turnaround process makes it a major source for delays and ground incidents.
  • With the use of existing cameras and Assaia’s Apron AI software you can have high resolution, real-time data about all ongoing turns.
  • Learn about different use cases for airports and airlines how to use this data to make apron operations more efficient, safer and more sustainable.
Shawn Richards
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Create Capacity with Mobile Devices

  • Ink Touch potential to create capacity outstrips self service, with unmatched deployment density
  • Reduce the amount of fixed infrastructure deployed while delivering better customer service
  • Extend the footprint of service provision outside the airport and jumpstart your remote baggage services
Shawn Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Ink Aviation
Ian Lovatt
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Putting the Passenger First: How Airports Can Keep Passengers Happy by Playing More Effectively in the Digital Realm

  • How to give digital passengers control over their experiences throughout their journey
  • How to overcome the challenges that arise when digital expectations meet the airport infrastructure
  • Managing airport complexity by brining transparency to the airport IT and network infrastructure
Hari Manivannan
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Transforming Airport/Airline Staffing with ShiftX Schedule and Rostering Automation Solution

  • Experience: Applying design thinking principles and multi-channel communication to improve employee experience
  • ROI: Reducing time and costs to create optimized shift coverage while improving employee satisfaction.
  • Game Changers: Innovative approach to solving industries Mobility challenges, Schedule Bidding, Vacation Bidding, Shift Trading, Open Time Optimization, Overtime Optimization, and Lost Time Prevention
Hari Manivannan, Director of Technology, ShiftX
Aviation Fest Seminar A

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Seminar A - Technology

Aviation Fest Seminar A

Registration & Exhibition Opens


Tarek El Mitwalli
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Use case I Maximising the ROI of an IFEC project. The keys to succeed when your passengers are less captive

  • A magic formula for IFEC profitability?
  • Business cases. Examples of enablers that generate revenue in a smart way
  • Performance monitoring: what KPIs to follow and how to visualise them for a better and faster decision making
Tarek El Mitwalli, Chief Executive Officer, Display Interactive
Gizem Uslu
Aviation Fest Seminar A

End-to-end digital transformation of Turkish Airlines’ operational processes.

Gizem Uslu, Business Analyst, TURKISH AIRLINES
patrick King
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Enhancing the customer digital journey with world class content

  • Mapping the digital journey
  • Seamless integration of content
  • Additional revenue opportunities
patrick King, Commercial Director, Media Carrier Gmbh
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The first flight with LEO: A brief outline of how Low Earth Orbit technology has brought light-weight connectivity to the air.

  • An outline of the LEO set-up
  • Passenger and cargo use cases on the light weight connectivity service
  • Next steps


Matthijs Kooijman
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The importance of localization in the age of personalized customer contact

  • Examples of good and bad localization
  • How to localize on various levels
  • Tips and tricks
Matthijs Kooijman, Sales Director, Attached Language Intelligence
Simon Grennan
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Making better use of your own Data to grow your Revenues

  • Fares
  • Ancillaries
  • Loyalty
Simon Grennan, Chief Executive Officer, Planitas
Mark Mezzapelli
Aviation Fest Seminar A


Stephen Crealey
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The Future of Airline Loyalty

Stephen Crealey, Enterprise Account Executive, Sessionm
Stephen Topliss
Aviation Fest Seminar A

The Power of Digital Identities – Customer Experience and Fraud Prevention in Airline Loyalty Programs

· An overview of the Digital Identity concept with real examples from data· Building Trust with your good customers through positive identification· Identify fraud with behavioural anomalies detected through digital intelligence· Streamline the user experience through real-time analysis and smart authentication
Stephen Topliss, Vice President Product Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Sushil Choudhari
Aviation Fest Seminar A

Silicon Valley Recipes for Success in Digital Travel Retail

Krishna Kumar S
Aviation Fest Seminar A

How stopping Bots can help Airlines from losing revenue?

  1. Competitors and fraudsters deploy bots to obtain flight information which causes unwanted GDS queries
  2. Unwanted GDS queries skew conversion metrics and increase marketing spend
  3. Scraping of flight information and pricing by fraudsters adversely affects competitive advantage
last published: 05/Sep/19 20:55 GMT