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Rethinking Retail



On the 30th November we will be hosting an invite only afternoon for industry peers focused on retailing. Please note that registration for this event will begin at -6 weeks and if you’re selected to join you will be sent a personal invite from the Terrapinn team.


Rethinking Retail

Henry Harteveldt
Rethinking Retail

Keynote address: Turning Tiny Opportunities Into Big Money

Successful retailing is the result of considering countless details within a product and presenting and communicating them to be meaningful to customers. For airlines intent on becoming successful retailers, “Rethinking Retailing” means leveraging the many details within airlines’ own products, and those of their partners, and making them meaningful to each passenger. In this session, noted industry analyst Henry Harteveldt of Atmosphere Research will share his firm’s latest consumer and industry research along with actionable strategies and ideas that airlines can use to understand how thinking through even the tiniest of details can make their retailing efforts more appealing to customers and more successful for their airlines.
Rich Hunt
Rethinking Retail

Supporting an omni-channel ecosystem with managed direct corporate travel: What it is, how it works, and why airlines, agents and travelers can all benefit in a post-covid market

  • Analyze the importance for corporate travel programs to get caught up to the technology that provides for easy booking and trip management processes full of content that today's modern business traveler wants.
  • Discuss how - via intelligently designed UX and smart API integration - nothing is sacrificed; travel policy and preferred suppliers with proper rates and discounts can be integrated and managed into any booking channel from the TMC to "".
  • Walk thru the myths and truths about omni-channel and explain how travelers can be more productive, rates and discounts through all booking channels can be utilized and duty of care coverage can be integrated all while reducing costs, fees and complexity.
Bas Hooft 't
Rethinking Retail

Bringing airline retail to life throughout the whole value chain

  • Creating fresh compelling content to retail and moving away from price-schedule driven booking experiences
  • Involving all stakeholders to ensure that you can bring retailing to life across all of your sales channels
  • Changing the conversation from APIs to customer preference, product customization and display
  • Creating a win-win-win narrative for airline, agent and customers.
Darko Todorovic
Rethinking Retail

A collaborative approach to airline retailing

  • Shift to human-centric business: how the retailing platform may enable passengers, airlines and their partners, as well as developers?
  • Case for collaboration, a technical view
  • From a blueprint to the solution: how to start the transformation today
Marcus Motzkuhn
Rethinking Retail

SunExpress Case Study: Building a new and more dynamic retail platform that uses NDC and One Order standards to deliver true retailing

  • Understand the requirements of a truly dynamic B2B and B2C front end that delivers personalisation at scale
  • Why the modular approach is more sustainable and flexible?
  • Adding new data sources to open up more a la carte bookings and deliver better recommendations
Rethinking Retail

Afternoon Refreshments and networking

Omer Bukel
Rethinking Retail

Turkish Airlines Case Study: Delivering a diverse distribution strategy on a global scale

  • How do you take a omnichannel approach when you serve 100s of different global markets?
  • What is the Turkish Airlines hybrid approach and how will this continue to evolve with NDC?
  • Investing in projects for the future
Jenni Suomela
Rethinking Retail

Renewing through the crisis towards modern premium airline

  • Using the crisis as an opportunity for future-proofing Finnair for retailing
  • Key design principles for renewing offering
  • Transforming distribution as a smaller carrier
Johannes Walter
Rethinking Retail

Transforming the Travel Retail Ecosystem through Partnerships

  • What kind of momentum did the crisis bring?
  • How did customer needs and collaboration change?
  • The importance of involving your own organization.
Panel discussion
Rethinking Retail

Closing Keynote Panel: Delivering on the promise of Retailing, Dynamic Offers, NDC and the future of One Order?

·Has Covid been an accelerator towards a shift in direct distribution and what type of investments will we see post covid?·How has the relationship with GDS’s and Travel Agencies changed and how do these organisations fit within new airline retailing models?·What will airline retailing tech stacks look like in the next 5-10 years and how advanced and agile do we expect those developments to be?·After years of NDC implementation is there an appetite to adopt an even larger infrastructure overhaul such as One Order?·How can we be more dynamic in the way that we actually create products and personalise offers?·What are the challenges of combining RM, Digital, Distribution and Loyalty together to bring new offers to life?·How can we overcome industry distribution constraints to move to continuous pricing?·What can we do to drive the industry to move towards a more order centric approach to retailing?
Rethinking Retail

Going beyond incentives as the solution to NDC adoption challenges

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