Aviation Marketing

Digital and social media strategies for the world’s airlines and airports

Airlines are now communicating with their passengers through multiple digital channels, and social media is more critical than ever. To really compete in today’s industry, digital innovation must touch every aspect of the airline business. Aviation Marketing brings together Heads of Digital and Heads of Social Media to explore how airlines can exploit digital channels to differentiate their services and compete more effectively. See agenda








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Aviation Marketing, Wednesday 4 September 2019


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Chair's opening remarks


Greg Williams

Commercial Space Travel – Industry Game Changer or Entertaining Distraction?

  • How will the sub-orbital industry affect innovation in aviation?
  • Can players like Space X, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin prove the business model and transport passengers with the safety and regularity of a commercial airline?
  • What impact will commercial space travel have on customer expectation and mindset?
  • What can airlines and airports learn from the fast-growth commercial space industry?


Jodi Williams
Aviation Marketing

How Air New Zealand has retained a challenger brand mentality to set themselves apart from larger competitors on a global stage?

  • How Air New Zealand do things differently to deliver campaigns and content that connects with customers
  • Using guerrilla marketing to stimulate new opportunities and create global brand awareness
  • Investing heavily across the customer journey into products and services and taking a multi-dimensional approach
Ali Busacca
Aviation Marketing

How do we eliminate friction from the consumer in their travel journey?

  • Friction can lose you customers as expectations continue to rise in line with technology
  • Join Facebook to hear about a zero-friction future in Aviation
Dara Mcmahon
Aviation Marketing

Aer Lingus Brand Transformation Story: Becoming a true international carrier

  • What were the research phases used to create a new Aer Lingus brand that reflects modern Irish society?
  • What are the subtle differences that define a low cost and a full-service airline brand?
  • How do you impose your new brand throughout the passenger journey including digital touch points?
David Harvey
Aviation Marketing

Marketing for one of America’s most beloved brands in the 21st Century

  • Building a formidable digital presence through mobile
  • Driving additional revenue through loyalty

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Alexander Knigge
Aviation Marketing

Mobile First - Why future airline growth will be dependent on mobile and on a smart & seamless digital experience?

  • Strategic imperative to achieve high customer satisfaction in the digital world, in addition to the physical world
  • How mobile is rewiring consumers habits and what that means for airlines
  • How data insights and UX research enable designing a personalized and seamless digital experience
  • The power of smart technologies and the need to invest in digital platform simplicity & performance
Seth Cassel
Aviation Marketing

PRODUCTS. NOT PROJECTS. Breaking the airline cycle of chasing industry innovation in direct channel sales and online customer acquisition, and executing best-in-class Fare Marketing strategies

  • Fare Marketing is most effective way for airlines to achieve their direct sales, customer acquisition, and merchandising goals; however, Fare Marketing is a major technical challenge for airlines to execute
  • Airlines continue the failing pattern of pursuing Fare Marketing (and other innovative digital initiatives) through lengthy projects demanding consider in-house resources, vendor expenses, consultant expertise, and unpredictable upfront and ongoing costs
  • This pattern ensures that airlines are always behind the standards of innovation set by major OTAs
Jay Chauhan
Aviation Marketing

Decoding Decisions

Technology has enabled advertisers to reach consumers at any number of moments within a purchase journey, and provided them with dozens of contextual signals to read. Digital marketing has naturally become hyper-rational. But human behaviour is often irrational - as behavioural economics has made clear. In order to design more relevant, more effective marketing we need to better understand how and why these irrational decisions are made. This research aims to leverage the latest thinking in behavioural economics, as well as primary research across flights, to better understand consumer decision-making and the role played by different media.
Panel discussion
Aviation Marketing

The evolution of mobile first marketing – What is the next step in how we use data, insights and digital to deliver more contextualised and inspirational marketing to our customers?

  • What are the current challenge for airlines brands when it comes to capturing and inspiring customers?
  • Rethinking airline marketing – Airlines don’t have an ongoing relationship with most customers so how do you keep that emotional connection and drive loyalty?
  • Are we seeing more of a evolution rather than a revolution when it comes to personalisation?
  • What role will technologies such as voice, artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR and AR play for marketeers in the coming years?

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Sharon Geervliet
Aviation Marketing

How KLM is using social media as an R&D lab for customer-centric innovation

  • Advancements in voice and AR – Turning KLMs suite of chatbots into voice assistants to move closer to a touch-less interface
  • Creating new interfaces to reduce the hassle of the end to end journey
  • Balancing empathy, warmth and personality with super-speed accuracy and the use of data
Ido Bornstein-Hacohen
Aviation Marketing

Improving the Airline Customer Experience? The Seamless Blend between Agents and Bots.

Panel discussion
Aviation Marketing

How can we successfully balance AI, social listening and human responses via airline social media teams in an industry that is fast paced, unpredictable and global?

  • What are the challenges of delivering a seamless and successful interaction with the customer across different channels?
  • How can you deal with negativity quickly and authentically across social media platforms using human and AI agents?
  • Where is the true value on social listening and how can it help provide valuable data for decision making?
  • Comparing your brand on social media – what KPIs do you use to analyse how you stack up against competitors?

Networking and refreshments in the exhibition hall

round tables
Aviation Marketing


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them
1.How to optimize your investment with a differentiated approach to content?
Marieke Voorvelt

Marieke Voorvelt, Content Strategist, Attached Language Intelligence

2. New Customer Engagement powered by Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots
Youvraj Seeam

Youvraj Seeam, E-Sales And Product Manager, Commercial (E-Commerce), Air Mauritius

3. How can you harness the voice of your customer to fuel inspiration, drive bookings and build loyalty? Andy Mallinson, Managing Director, EMEA, Stackla(Confirmed)
Andy Mallinson

Andy Mallinson, Managing Director (Emea), Stackla

4. The Experience Card - how do some airlines outperform others in traveller engagement?
Jacqueline Ulrich

Jacqueline Ulrich, Cco - Chief Commerical Officer, Smartvel

5. How can you improve loyalty while balancing revenue generation and customer experience?
Sid Krishna

Sid Krishna, Head Of Loyalty And Cobrand, Spirit Airlines


Daniel Young

From pitch to public. How to create and deliver an innovation roadmap

  • easyJet mobile. A model of innovation & inspiration
  • Solving travel pain points. An inside look at the process
  • Our mobile future? Travelport & easyJet discuss what's next
Petcha Kucha


Join the battle to find out which airline app is leading the way in offering a more seamless, frictionless and simple passenger experience.

Airline customers will be voting via social media throughout the year and we will reduce this down to 5 contenders who will deliver a 5 minute pitch on why there app deserves to be named the best.

Conference attendees will then have the final vote.

Join us to see who is leading the airline app revolution!

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