Aviation IT Show

Digital Transformation, data and infrastructure for the world’s airlines, airports and partners.

The Aviation IT Show is for airline and airport CIOs, Heads of IT, Heads of Operations and is about how we as an industry can create an ICT infrastructure that can meet the needs of today’s travellers. Key topics in the 2017 edition include the Internet of Things and what it means for an airline CEO, changing trends in PSS and the back-end technology that supports distribution and merchandising technology. The increasing challenge of cybersecurity will also be tackled.

With CIOs attending from some of the world’s most interesting and forward thinking airlines this event presents a fantastic opportunity to put your business in front of them.


The conference will include the following themes:

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber security

PSS systems

Cloud and IoT

Enterprise Automation

Data analytics and storage


Who Sponsors?

PSS providers

Airline Inventory systems and departure control systems

Network Infrastructure

Data and analytics


Security and cyber security

Cloud and storage


System Integrators

MRO management systems

Who Attends?


IT Director



Head of Mobile

Head of BPO

Head of Ground Operations


For sponsorship and exhibition please contact Martyn McMurray on martyn.mcmurray@terrapinn.com



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The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class conference where airline leaders from around the planet meet; and, a travel technology exhibition for the wider community. To visit the show is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.

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