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Airports are turning to new technologies to elevate the passenger experience and we aim to showcase some of the latest innovations that are creating a more seamless on the ground experience for passengers. At Airport T.EX is where the future of pre-travel, check-in, baggage, security, wayfinding, lounge, gate technology and experience will be decided. See agenda
















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Airport T.EX, Wednesday 4 September 2019


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Chair's opening remarks


Greg Williams

Commercial Space Travel – Industry Game Changer or Entertaining Distraction?

  • How will the sub-orbital industry affect innovation in aviation?
  • Can players like Space X, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin prove the business model and transport passengers with the safety and regularity of a commercial airline?
  • What impact will commercial space travel have on customer expectation and mindset?
  • What can airlines and airports learn from the fast-growth commercial space industry?

Digital Airport Insight

Stefan Schulte
Airport T.EX

Exclusive keynote interview: How smart Data Analytics can benefit passenger satisfaction and airport management

Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte will sit down to discuss the vast digital analysis that supports one of Europe’s largest airports and their growing portfolio. Stefan will share how Germany’s aviation frontrunners leverage big data to feedback into regular operations and strategy decisions in one of the world’s biggest hubs
Gloria Guevara Manzo
Airport T.EX

How can the Travel & Tourism sector help to achieve Seamless Travel?

Gloria will come to address the world’s aviation sector on the steps needed for the Travel & Tourism sector to achieve Seamless Travel. WTTC’s Seamless Traveller Journey (STJ) Programme works to align existing technologies and initiatives to provide an end-to-end journey across the entire travel process with the ultimate goal of improving the overall security and the traveller experience. Gloria will discuss how the current programme of work is focusing on aligning the industry as well as stakeholders from the public sector to ensure that emerging initiatives are interoperable and standards are set.
Kadri Samsunlu
Airport T.EX

Exclusive keynote interview: The future of aviation in Istanbul - scaling up to 200 million passengers per year

The world’s latest mega-hub has smashed records for development. Istanbul Airport currently has an initial capacity of 90 million passengers after opening its first phase in 2018. This will then be increased to 200 million when all phases have been completed. CEO Kadri Samsunlu will come to the Aviation Festival to talk about the crucial impact digital technology will play in Istanbul Airport’s drive to be the busiest airport in the world.
Nicolas Notebaert
Ioannis Metsovitis
Airport T.EX

Where are the key requirements for growth at Hamad International Airport

Ioannis will sit down to discuss how Hamad can increase operational efficiency using automation to increase passenger throughput as well as key infrastructure enhancements in preparation for traffic growth, and the 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP. He will also cast his eye over airside operations at HIA and give his thoughts on the tools available for the capacity boost required for Doha.

Networking and refreshments in the exhibition hall

Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

What is the role of the hyper-personalised journey in the technology rich airports of the future?

  • How can we transform our airports using innovation and digital technology to ensure that we are ready to welcome the passenger needs of tomorrow?
  • Low hanging fruit: which touchpoints in the passenger journey should we look to evolve first?
  • What is the future role of biometrics and how can we overcome the hurdles that remain?
  • Where are potential collaboration points for airports and airlines?

Digital Innovation

Chris Garton
Airport T.EX

Heathrow’s drive for growth with outstanding passenger experience

  • How can we ensure that technology is used as an enabler of excellent operations?
  • Using advanced data analytics to demarcate passengers and provide a personalized experience.
  • Case study: using digital data to close the information loop for travelers who require additional services
Ian Lovatt
Airport T.EX

Airport Digital Transformation: How Germany’s International Airports have invested in the management of their technical infrastructures

  • Coping with the demands of the Digital Passenger
  • What is infrastructure transparency and why it matters at airports
  • What it means to treat your network infrastructure as a strategic asset
Simon Cox
Airport T.EX

Disruptive thinking: The path to the next generation passenger experience

  • Building meaningful passenger relationships starts with a seamless end-to-end journey. Why it’s fundamentally broken despite new technologies.
  • How siloed thinking manifests itself in the customer experience.
  • What fundamental disruptive shifts can we make to get closer to passenger needs and rethink how we plan the journey?
  • How can we create next generation experiences with collaboration and new business model innovation?
Matti Lehto
Airport T.EX

How are we leveraging computer enhanced processes, computer vision and robotics to build a digital ready hub at Helsinki?

  • Developing a digital image of our terminal through machine vision, passenger flow & route analysis
  • Providing transparency on real time events such as aircraft turnaround process for improved OTP
  • How we have used 5G telecoms to study the potential of rapid comms and robotics
Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

How can we best use partners and airlines to build a seamless curb-to-gate experience for passengers?

  • Where can airports and airlines innovate and how are we overcoming the traditional challenges of collaboration in aviation?
  • The increasing importance of a digital offering in all areas of the airport for seamless capacity optimisation.
  • How cansophisticated technology changethe way we build the passenger experience

Networking lunch in the exhibition hall

Machine Vision and Automation

Hari K Marar
Airport T.EX

How Bangalore is building a technology-powered airport

  • Incorporating Biometric Travel Program with AI and machine learning for outstanding passenger processing and personalization.
  • The importance of a sophisticated data science platform
  • Enhancing our digital presence across applications, chatbots and our website
  • The digitisation of internal services
Barbara Dalibard
Airport T.EX

Delivering the future passenger experience

  • Today’s traveler is digital savvy and demands a seamless airport experience that is not compartmentalized across airlines, airports, and border agencies.
  • Key to delivering this seamless, automated journey is a single digital identity passenger have control and where their face is their passport no matter where you go – across airports and borders.
  • To deliver this experience, the air transport industry needs to work closer together
Daniel Burkard
Airport T.EX

Transforming the Airport Customer Experience Using Data

  • The impact of the rapid growth in passenger volumes over the past decade and how we use data at Dubai
  • The common pain points for airports and the learnings we can draw from our global experience.
  • Increasing passenger throughput and maintaining high levels of passenger experience
Emiliano Sorrenti
Airport T.EX

How an intelligent digital transformation helped Aeroporti di Roma to achieve the Best Passenger Experience in Europe

  • The story of ADR’s strategy and the role of digital in this transformation
  • Piloting and scaling key technologies in the airport for accelerated results across the business
  • The impact of data management and smart infrastructure on optimisation of airport operations

Networking and refreshments in the exhibition hall

Security and Biometrics

Ricardo Cerri
Airport T.EX

How can we collaborate with airlines to deliver a seamless, biometrically validated journey?

  • How can we contextualise and enrichbiometric touchpoints in an airport?
  • Airports in the macro context of the increasingly large public biometrics initiatives
  • Where is the future of biometric technology in the context of airport operations?
Brian Cobb
Airport T.EX

What role can advanced biometrics and smart infrastructure play in the future of airports?

  • Automising the wider security mechanics for a fully automated screening process
  • How can we then incorporate biometrics into each touch point through the airport?
  • Strategy case study: the impact of automation and an intuitive digital offering on non-aeronautical revenue
Anita Gackowska
Airport T.EX

How can we drastically scale up technology and digital solutions whilst ensuring the passenger remains at the heart of what we do as airport leaders?


Daniel Young

From pitch to public. How to create and deliver an innovation roadmap

  • easyJet mobile. A model of innovation & inspiration
  • Solving travel pain points. An inside look at the process
  • Our mobile future? Travelport & easyJet discuss what's next
Petcha Kucha


Join the battle to find out which airline app is leading the way in offering a more seamless, frictionless and simple passenger experience.

Airline customers will be voting via social media throughout the year and we will reduce this down to 5 contenders who will deliver a 5 minute pitch on why there app deserves to be named the best.

Conference attendees will then have the final vote.

Join us to see who is leading the airline app revolution!

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Airport T.EX, Thursday 5 September 2019




Dee Waddell

IBM Keynote: Transcending Expectations: Transforming in a world of Mobile, Data, and AI

In an era of commoditization and expectations that things will move at lightning-speed, how do airlines transform and transcend above by empowering every front-line employee and leveraging all assets of the airline by unleashing mobile, data and AI.
Johan Lundgren

Keynote interview: Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet

easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren sits down with Guy Johnson to discuss how the easyJet brand is moving beyond price and creating a long-term plan with a vastly wider use of data analytics across the business. Find out from Johan how the airline is radically changing its holiday business and extending its reach to the wider travel value chain. Understand more about how easyJet is embracing data driven customisation and digital capability and learn about new partnerships that will develop from its new contribution model.
Sir Tim Clark

Keynote Interview: Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates

Industry legend Sir Tim Clark joins us to talk innovation, growth and coping with headwinds in aviation. Gain his unique insight on how he sees digital technology driving current and future successes. Find out from Sir Tim on what he sees as the most exciting technology impacting the end to end passenger experience. Understand how he views the future of global distribution systems and the potential impact of blockchain, biometrics, AI and IoT on day to day operations.
Joanna Geraghty

Keynote Interview: Joanna Geraghty, President and COO, JetBlue

JetBlue’s President and COO Joanna Geraghty joins Guy Johnson to talk about the airline’s transatlantic ambitions. It’s been almost 20 years since JetBlue was founded with the mission of bringing humanity back to air travel, and in 2021 the airline will begin service to London from Boston and New York. Joanna talks about how the brand stays fresh through a combination of its unique culture, dedicated crewmembers and its adoption of new technology, including that discovered by JetBlue’s own venture capital subsidiary.
Interviewee: Joanna Geraghty, President And Chief Operating Officer, JetBlue Airways
Panel discussion

Keynote CEO Panel

Following their interviews, our keynote speakers will join a panel discussion, where they will debate some of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Key issues they will address include:
  • How can the aviation industry cope with the rapid changes that digital technology brings and how are airline CEOs prioritising digital and mobile only tools and applications?
  • How can we develop a partnership for sustainable growth which meets rising passenger demand, balanced with action to reduce environmental and community impacts?
  • What are the trends that will shape the industry into 2020 and where are airline CEOs placing their bets?Biometrics, blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, voice technology, connectivity and cyber security?
  • In what way will airlines evolve beyond selling seats and become more involved in the wider booking and planning experience for customers?
  • What does a sustainable future look like to an airline CEO?
  • What is the next step for the evolution of low-cost carriers and are they still the core innovators in a dramatically changing industry?
  • Passenger connectivity is continually growing, how can we use this to best serve our customers and deliver a more seamless end-to-end experience?
  • What impact will ultra-long-haul travel have on the future of global competition and will we see new partnerships develop?
  • How do airline CEOs see digital as a core differentiator against competition and how are they investing in technology to improve day to day operations and services?
Joanna Geraghty, President And Chief Operating Officer, JetBlue Airways

Networking break in the exhibition hall

round tables

Technology & Strategy Roundtables

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 30 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
"I'll be back" - ROBOTS!!! How to deal with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
Aleksandar Ivanišević

Aleksandar Ivanišević, Head Of Operations And Support, 2e Systems Gmbh

Achieving NDC´s business objectives with a legacy PSS: What challenges are being faced and what strategies can be adopted to achieve these business objectives.
Marco Contento

Marco Contento, Vice President Aviation Business, IBS Software

Ancillary Revenues in the Travel Industry: What are the effects of mobility on revenue streams pre, during and post-journey?
Robin Moradian

Robin Moradian, Partnerships Manager, Splyt

Chasing the travel experience: Discussing how Millennials are starting to rule the sky, influenceyour brand experience and future business
Sebastian Petry

Sebastian Petry, Director, Innovation, Panasonic Avionics

Disrupt Passenger Management: People vs. Technology- where on the sliding scale should the balance lie?
Donal Mcgranaghan

Donal Mcgranaghan, Chief Product And Technology Officer, Accommodations Plus International (API)

How can airlines use blockchain to drive 1:1 dynamic offers and personalized retailing?
Gianni Cataldo

Gianni Cataldo, Head Of R&D And Bridge Labs, ATPCO

How can modern offer and order management platforms leverage NDC to enable personalized offers and seamless fulfillment?
Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes, Senior Director, Offer Management Solutions, Sabre

How can we improve our customer experience given the reputation we currently have, and undergo a radical transformation to ensure we maximise our business
How can your airline accelerate offer transformation?
John Stewart

John Stewart, Senior Vice President, Sales, Farelogix

How do you use data to exceed traveler expectations?
Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle, Director, Aerospace Market, Cirium

How is mobile technology helping airplanes take flight?
Mustafa Ebadi

Mustafa Ebadi, Chief Operating Officer, SOTI

How is the journey to Airline Digital Transformation impacting your organization across RM, ecommerce, distribution, and beyond?
Aditi Mehta

Aditi Mehta, Solutions Strategy Director, PROS

How is your Airline leveraging Cloud Computing to enable employees to provide a better customer experience?
Greg Land

Greg Land, Executive Director, Global Industry Leader, Aviation, Hospitality And Travel Related Services, IBM

How much are uncontactable customers costing your airline?
Al Tredinnick

Al Tredinnick, Head Of Business Development, 15below

How to maximize revenues with interlinking of passenger experience and travel retail?
Sushil Choudhari

Sushil Choudhari, Chief Executive Officer, TravelX - Intelligent Travel Retail Platform

How to stay relevant in the expectation economy?
Is a Customer 360 possible in a fragmented digital world ?
Cyril Treacy

Cyril Treacy, VP & Industry Board leader TTH EMEA, Salesforce UK Limited

Similar to Uber and AirBnB, how can airlines successfully tap into secondary markets to drive incremental profit growth?
Azim Barodawala

Azim Barodawala, Chief Executive Officer, Volantio Inc.

The Onward Passenger Travel – When does this really matter?
Yaron Schechtman

Yaron Schechtman, Head Of Business Development, Here Mobility, HERE Mobility

What can airlines do to optimise customer support costs, increase revenue & build loyalty using A.I?
Guillaume Laporte

Guillaume Laporte, Chief Executive Officer, Mindsay

What’s preventing wide-spread adoption of single digital identity in the industry?
Finbarr Ring

Finbarr Ring, Vice President Sales, Northern Europe, SITA

Digital Operations

Sébastien Couturier
Airport T.EX

How can we use accelerated innovation at heart of Aeroports de Paris’s digital airport operations?

  • Connecting innovators with our staff to provide solutions for operational excellence in a partly-publicly owned airports
  • Building our international network of accelerated start-ups delivering qualified innovation to the core business unit.
  • AVs, robotics, drones – where does AdP see the future of technology in airports?
Ronnie Coupland
Airport T.EX

Is Digital Transformation The Future of Aviation Operations?

  • Virtual and real - the next evolution of aviation operations
  • Digital technologies to drive operations intelligence and performance
  • Customer challenges and industry requirements
  • Factors driving digital transformation in aviation
  • Maximize utilization of key resources and prepare for future expansions
Rami Hindieh
Airport T.EX

Toronto Pearson Airport’s evolution in transforming vast streams of data into seamlessly flowing information for predictive airport analytics?

  • The story of our journey: the evolution of the airport in a data-driven society and the challenges we have faced
  • How is Toronto Pearson Airport leveraging massive volumes of data to gain insight from it
  • Blockchain: What steps can we take to create a distributed ledger that allows us work actively with multiple Canadian airports?
Rosanne Van Der Stam
Airport T.EX

The opportunities and challenges of becoming the world’s leading digital airport


Networking lunch in the exhibition hall

Sophisticated Digital Services

Christian Beck
Airport T.EX

Where are the tangible and beneficial uses of blockchain/DLT in aviation?

  • How can we build cross-industry innovation initiatives to maximise the potential of blockchain?
  • Where are we looking to implement these concepts in the British aviation industry and beyond?
  • The essential role of centralised, neutral and digital-savvy brokers in this process
Dominic Liddell
Airport T.EX

How Istanbul’s newest Airport is using machine learning, automation and artificial vision

  • IATA 753: which technologies did we focus on to reach this key benchmark?
  • The knock-on benefits of radical thinking around the airport process automatic flight coding
  • How will this then scale up to manage 120 million passengers per year?
Karsten Madsen
Airport T.EX

The digital transformation of Copenhagen’s increasingly automated baggage using RFID and machine vision

  • Which stages of the baggage process have we identified as key to increasing our successful read %?
  • RFID, Automation, Machine vision: Which technologies have been the key to our success?
  • Is it possible to retrofit these systems with digital-age technology for automated scanning to match the passenger experience elsewhere in the world?
Airport T.EX

The opportunities and challenges of becoming the world’s leading digital airport


Afternoon refreshment break and exhibition viewing


Taimur Khan

Delivering on the next generation traveler Loyalty by using data and insights to serve the traveler with relevance, consistently, and anywhere

  • Travelers are traveling more frequently and they have different expectations that are set by how they interact with other brands they consume in their personal lives.
  • The challenge airlines face today is that their systems are built around the employee function and channel-specific as they address this fast growing global customer base
  • Leading airlines are using data and technology to anticipate traveler needs: meeting them where they are are, on the channel that the traveler determines and using technology to get context and recommendations better guide that engagement by using information effectively at the point of engagement
Panel discussion

CLOSING KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Data driven airlines – What are airlines doing to create insights that will improve the customer proposition, drive revenue and reduce costs?

  • There are now billions of data points on a day to day business – How do we retain that data to help improve the next journey?
  • How close are we to achieving a new level of data-driven collaboration across all airline functions collectively to deliver a more seamless customer experience?
  • Have we succumbed to the Googles & Amazons of this world - How will airline data fit into the travel ecosystem of the future?
  • Ultimately can new technologies and big data help reduce tight profit margins and intensify global competition?

Evening reception at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium

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Airport T.EX, Friday 6 September 2019


Conference doors open


Panel discussion

How can airlines, airports and mobility partners collaborate to build a seamless travel experience for global passengers?

  • Are we overcoming the traditional challenges of collaboration in aviation between airlines, airports and mobility partners?
  • Exploring the increasing importance of a digital offering in all areas of the passenger journey for seamless capacity optimisation.
  • How can car rental companies evolve to compete more effectively with ride-sharing services?
  • What impact will a driverless future and autonomous vehicles have on the ground experience?
  • How should we adapt our current business models to create ancillary revenue sources?
Stuart Donnelly, Senior Director - Group International Sales - Europe/USA, Sixt


Anne Rigail

Keynote Interview: Anne Rigail, CEO, Air France

New Air France CEO Anne Rigail sits down with Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards to discuss how she is taking a new approach to rebuilding the Air France brand and making the business highly competitive in a digital age. She will also explore her approach to getting the balance right in the group, utilising both premium and low-cost offerings effectively. Also find out exclusively about the latest Air France passenger experience initiatives in this keynote interview.
Alexandre De Juniac

Keynote Interview: Alexandre de Juniac, CEO, IATA

Alexandre sits down with Anna Edwards to discuss how IATA are approaching new technologies and the digitalisation of processes in the aviation industry. Find out exclusively in this keynote interview how he sees the future development of NDC as it comes of age. Understand more about OneID and how it will enable passengers to move more seamlessly through the airport without having to repeatably identify themselves. See how One Order could help enable network and legacy carriers do more business with ticketless travel airlines such as LCCs. Gain Alexandre's unique perspective on how the global industry can use data sharing tools to improve operations and how he thinks the industry can become more aware and prepared of the dangers of cyber threats.
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: How is digital, shifting passenger behaviours and transformative technologies disrupting the existing airline ecosystem?

  • Is the “Amazon of Travel” an unachievable myth and can airlines create an intelligent digital mesh of products and services that meet modern passengers needs?
  • Will the airlines dream of transforming themselves into digital mobility brands become a reality?
  • Is the industry lagging behind consumer adoption of technology and what is the future of conversational interfaces when it comes to sales and service?
  • What types of product differentiation should we expect to see through future airline retailing channels?
  • When will the big tech giants disrupt the distribution landscape and will they succeed in taking over the entire value chain in the next decade?

Networking and refreshments in the exhibition hall

Jerry Angrave
Airport T.EX

Chairman's welcome


Innovation in Airport Retail

Fundi Sithebe
Airport T.EX

How are ACSA are building non -aeronautical revenue across their international portfolio of airports

  • How can we strike the right balance between technology implementations and traditional core value drivers?
  • The importance of local diversification in a global suite of airports
  • Where next for South Africa’s future airport investments
Manolo Almagro
Airport T.EX

Transforming customer experiences with emotion tracking, next generation chatbots and virtual haptics

  • How is cross-industry innovation meeting the challenge of enhancing chatbot experiences?
  • What is the future of the conversational interface? Can digital human avatars + emotion detection humanize chatbot interaction.
  • Learn about the new ways chatbots + mid-air haptics tech will transform how people with disabilities navigate an airport
Ben Green
Airport T.EX

The dual-profile airport traveller: how have we built a world-leading customer experience

  • The digital back office that allows us to offer a retail journey that consistently ranks among the best in the world
  • Retaining excitement in the travelling process through exclusive offers and unique, atmospheric infrastructure
  • Case study: dynamic advertising using real time flight data.
Kam Jandu
Airport T.EX

Personalisation and collaboration: the story of Budapest’s commercial strategy

  • Airports specifically have relied on the scattergun approach which is not always the best because conversion levels are not high
  • Budapest Airport and Air China- A positive and measurable impact through collaboration.
  • How can the airport benefit twice through miles collection and then again when miles are redeemed for flights.
Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

When and how can we deliver the personalised airport retail vision that meets every traveller’s needs?

  • Can we collaborate with airlines and other partners to deliver personalised and highly relevant offers?
  • Is blockchain technology a realistic and tangible technology for airports globally?
  • How can we deepen our understanding of the customer through diverse and collated streams of data

Networking lunch in the exhibition hall

Future Of Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Mark Thorpe
Airport T.EX

The development of innovative, digital parking systems for increased business intelligence

  • Creating a seamless parking experience for airports for improved customer experience
  • Leveraging big data and AI to deliver insights for personalised retail offerings
  • How does this impact the retail strategy at our airport and what is the future of digitalised systems like this?
Fraser Ralston
Airport T.EX

Driving conversion in non aeronautical revenues through the digital passenger experience

  • Creating a one basket solution for our passengers
  • Marketing in context at the right time to the right passenger
  • Introducing voice and chat bots to airport e-commerce
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