We spark ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business.

Using our global footprint, we bring innovators and change agents together, discussing and demonstrating the technology, strategies and personalities that are changing the way the world does business.

Because communication is at its most effective face to face, our preferred platform has always been live events. But our business is not events, it’s the sparking of ideas, innovations and relationships that will help you succeed. And we all need these now more than at any time in history.
Until we meet again in person, our commitment therefore is to deliver these using the most innovative digital tools in the most innovative way. 

What outcomes are you looking for? 

None of us have a "48 square metre exhibition stand" as a sales or marketing objective. This is merely a tool to achieve your desired outcomes. 

What does your business need? We still deliver qualified leads, branding, thought leadership, sales meetings and more.

Tailored to your needs

We have opportunities to suit every business need and budget. Get in touch to discuss what is right for you.


  • Host a standalone webinar throughout the year
  • Date and content agreed between host and Terrapinn
  • Access to all leads on registration and downloads
  • Ability to post additional content 
  • 3-week marketing campaign
  • Opportunity to add on a roundtable and networking if required

Virtual Panels

  • Join a 45-minute panel alongside senior airline and airport executives
  • Maximum 4 panellists plus the moderator 
  • Made available for download after the event
  • All leads on registrations and downloads
  • Access to the networking app
  • Logo on digital event website

Host a Roundtable

  • Host a 45 minute live virtual round table session
  • Digital conference attendees invited to sign up
  • Maximum of 10 attendees per table
  • Access to leads of who attended your table 
  • Access to the networking app
  • Logo on digital event website

One-to-one meetings

  • Select registered attendees that you would like to meet
  • Terrapinn will facilitate the introduction and meeting
  • Additional access to the networking app 
  • Logo on digital event website   

Standalone presentation

  • 15 minute pre-recorded presentation
  • Released at agreed time within the digital event
  • Made available for download on demand post event
  • Access to all leads on registrations and downloads
  • Access to the networking app 
  • Logo on digital event website

Contact us

To sponsor or exhibit contact:
Aidan Brain
Tel:  +1 646 619 1776


Speaking Opportunities:
Ed Jennings
Tel:  +1 646 619 1806