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Unicoaero, Inc. (www.unico.aero) is an exciting Silicon Valley-based, venture-backed technology company that has developed the Unicoaero Baggage Technology Platform. Unicoaero makes the baggage delivery process transparent and efficient, instilling confidence in the experience for airlines, passengers, and delivery partners.

We offer 2 innovative products:

UnicoAirline: a perfect solution for airlines looking to provide the best-mishandled baggage experience possible. UnicoAirline features a seamless web interface with all the tools and information you need to quickly solve any mishandled baggage problem. It is fully integrated into your baggage tracing and baggage matching systems to ensure smooth operations and happy customers.

Throughout an airline’s network, everyone involved in baggage delivery can use Unicoaero to stay informed in real-time of the baggage delivery process. Airline representatives use Unicoairline, passengers use Unicoaero’s Track-Now feature, and local baggage delivery partners use Unicocourier.

UnicoCourier: a fully integrated airline baggage tracking and baggage matching system that automatically creates orders for mishandled luggage. Do more in less time and track drivers and invoicing all on one screen.

Lastly, Unicoaero facilitates Unicobag, a B2C baggage delivery service allowing passengers to request their bags to be delivered from Airport to Door, Door to Airport, and Door to Door through a global network of Baggage Delivery Partners

With Unicoaero, you can be efficient and delight your customers. Create cost-saving opportunities by reducing call center volumes, having all of your operations conveniently in one place, and tracking accurate delivery estimations all on one platform.


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