Revenue Management Systems

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Revenue Management Systems (RMS) was founded in 1996 and began offering of its airRM revenue management system to two airlines in 2003.

RMS has continually enhanced airRM making it the most effective and best value revenue management system available today. Built on a forecasting and optimization foundation, airRM now contains four different methods to control flight inventory allowing airlines to prosper in any type of market and stand up to any competitor.
Innovation has been a hallmark of airRM and it has introduced the following new technologies to airline revenue management: competitive fares, web analytics, ancillary data and ancillary forecasting.

In addition to managing inventory, airRM’s powerful Report Builder can quickly generate reports and schedule them for automatic generation and distribution.
Find out why nearly 50 airlines such as AirAsia, Capital Airlines, Avianca Brasil, Hong Kong Express, flydubai, Jetstar and Ryanair rely on RMS software.