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Nubis Aviation Ltd has advanced an innovative online based ‘Continuous Learning’ platform for support of all aviation personnel, as well as; Training Needs Analysis and competency framework consultancy and Change Management & Cultural Acceptance within Aviation. Our core values are Support; Effectiveness; Adaptability. Our ‘Continuous Learning’ environment is adaptable to individual company needs; empowers user engagement with training and learning; increases end-user information retention and saves on departmental overheads by reducing manpower and work planning deficits. Dissemination of information is not enough in the aviation industry with the current growth. We at Nubis aim to bridge the gap between regulatory standards and complete understanding of disseminated information by continuously adapting procedural, regulatory and in-house training.  We know that training is the foundation of any change. Without competent, Reliable and Adaptive training, there is no sound infrastructure for sustainability. We provide that infrastructure for a proactive approach to supporting and optimizing economic objectives through continuous learning and development. Contact us at for more details.


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