Magnetic Autocontrol


The name, Magnetic, has much to do with the company’s roots. Magnetic was started in 1946 in the small city of Basel, Switzerland as a producer of electric and servo-motors, for which magnets are indispensable. Motors from Magnetic were initially used in sewing machines, washing machines and many other industrial and commercial applications. In 1959, a second subsidiary and production facility was added in Germany, located in the southern Black Forest region. By the mid-1970’s, Magnetic determined that it was time to leverage their wide-ranging experience in the development of highly-reliable motor drives and electronic control systems for complete systems. It was during this period that we launched our vehicle and pedestrian access control & barrier product families.
For more than 40 years now, Magnetic has successfully delivered custom-designed pedestrian gates, turnstiles, and vehicle access / flow-control solutions to the world’s leading travel/transit, government, commercial-industrial and residential customers.
The Magnetic name is renowned worldwide as the pinnacle in high-quality vehicle and pedestrian barrier gates. With well-thought-out designs, innovative drive technology and extremely long service lives, our products are far ahead of the competition in quality and durability. And thanks to our experience in control technology we also always focus on user safety – ensuring that all barriers are designed with sensitive impact detection technology, coupled with low force. This is probably also why systems from Magnetic are often installed wherever safety and dependability matter. Our vehicle and pedestrian control systems help companies around the world make travel and authentication smooth and flexible for people.  We’re proud of our references, achievements & success deploying tens of thousands of access gates within and around transit stations, business parks & office buildings, and airports & travel destinations.