Seth Cassel | President

Seth Cassel, President, EveryMundo


Day 1 Aviation Americas 2019 @ 16:40

PRODUCTS. NOT PROJECTS: Breaking the airline cycle of chasing industry innovation in direct channel sales and online customer acquisition, and executing best-in-class Fare Marketing strategies

  • Fare Marketing is the most effective way for airlines to achieve their direct sales, customer acquisition, and merchandising goals; however, Fare Marketing is a major technical challenge for airlines to execute
  • Airlines continue the failing pattern of pursuing Fare Marketing (and other innovative digital initiatives) through lengthy projects demanding consider in-house resources, vendor expenses, consultant expertise, and unpredictable upfront and ongoing costs
  • This pattern ensures that airlines are always behind the standards of innovation set by major OTAs
  • Airlines can break this cycle by finding the right partners with the right products and commercial structures that provide iterative, ongoing innovation on their behalf
  • Ultimately, airlines can vastly enhance digital presence, improve direct channel performance, access more data, and innovate more effectively with a PRODUCTS. NOT PROJECTS. strategy -- and execute best-in-class Fare Marketing strategies
last published: 14/May/19 03:45 GMT

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