Nicolas Frances Gilley | Councillor and Chair of the Transport Portfolio and Aboriginal City Portfolio
City of Melbourne

Nicolas Frances Gilley, Councillor and Chair of the Transport Portfolio and Aboriginal City Portfolio, City of Melbourne

Cr Nicolas Frances Gilley first worked in the corporate world of hospitality and stock
broking in the United Kingdom. He started the Furniture Resource Centre and built
this into the UK’s leading social enterprise organisation, providing assistance and
employment opportunities to homeless people. For this, he was awarded the MBE.

In 1996 he was ordained an Anglican priest and two years later he emigrated to
Australia where he was the CEO of the Brotherhood of St Laurence from 1998 to
2004. This work earned him an Australian Centenary Medal.

In 2004 Cr Frances Gilley founded and led for-profit environmental and social
purpose businesses Easy Being Green and Cool nrg International. These
businesses have worked with Governments, the World Bank, UNFCCC, global
financial institutions and some of Europe’s leading companies to develop and deliver
groundbreaking climate and antipoverty programs globally.

Cr Frances Gilley also works with and advises a range of startups in IT and the arts.

He was one of the first 30 social entrepreneurs selected to join the Schwab
Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum.

He is also co-founder, Chair and CEO of DC Power Co, a solar energy retailer.

Cr Frances Gilley is the City of Melbourne’s Chair of the Transport portfolio and
Chair of the Aboriginal City portfolio. He also sits on the City of Melbourne’s Legal
Proceedings Committee and is the Council representative on the Metropolitan
Transport Forum.


Day 2 @ 09:30

Melbourne’s Transport Strategy – Infrastructure development to create one of the world’s most livable cities

last published: 23/Sep/19 00:25 GMT
last published: 23/Sep/19 00:25 GMT

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