Lisa Mclean | Chief Executive Officer
Open Cities

Lisa Mclean, Chief Executive Officer, Open Cities

Lisa has been successfully influencing government and changing the policy framework and regulations to enable the zero carbon, circular economy for the past 14 years. This work has covered the energy, water, waste and mobility sectors in the UK and Australia.

As part of the founding global team for the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) Lisa worked with the C40 global city CCI partners, and local and transnational businesses to facilitate large scale sustainability programs and carbon reductions. In partnership with the Mayors of cities like London, Bogota, Paris and Seoul she produced and shared best practice approaches for financing, and delivering sustainable infrastructure and services and was London City Director for CCI. 

In Australia, Lisa initiated and established the Australian Solar Thermal Association (AUSTELA), advised electric mobility providers, and worked with Flow Systems from a start-up sustainable water utility to its major role in shaping a new sustainable water and now multi-utility market.

Starting her career as a journalist for 2GB Radio, NINE TV, The Australian, and then ABC TV, Lisa reported from Canberra on the workings of the national Parliament and the Australian Government. She then moved to advising Ministers and Premiers on communications and climate policy. 

As CEO of Open Cities, Lisa is working to open siloed infrastructure markets to new sharing and reuse businesses and solutions that will decarbonise the economy and put downward pressure on utility bills. She is an advocate for the Circular Economy, prosumer rights and a new local utility and mobility model. 


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Sustainability and future infrastructure

last published: 23/Sep/19 00:25 GMT
last published: 23/Sep/19 00:25 GMT

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