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MeMed’s mission is to transform infectious disease healthcare by translating the complex signals of the immune system into simple diagnostics – ensuring the right treatment at the right place and the right time. Over a decade, with collaborators around the globe, MeMed has developed and validated a pioneering immune-based protein signature called MeMed BV™ for differentiating accurately between bacterial and viral infections – an indispensable tool in the fight against antibiotic overuse and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – one of the biggest healthcare challenges today. It is the only test of its kind validated in external and blinded studies enrolling thousands of patients published in prestigious journals and implemented in real-world settings for >15,000 patients. MeMed has also developed MeMed Key™, a groundbreaking platform that opens the way to measuring multiple proteins and signatures, conventional and innovative, with central lab precision at the point-of-care. MeMed Key™ measures MeMed BV™ within minutes, when and where needed.

MeMed’s programs have been supported by over $30 million in non-dilutive awards from the US Department of Defense and European Commission, which complement the over $100 million raised in private investments. The company’s innovations to reduce diagnostic uncertainty and help tackle antimicrobial resistance have been recognized in 2019 by a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award and a Frost and Sullivan Technology Leadership Award. MeMed’s portfolio of products and pipeline are the subject of dozens of patents. Today, MeMed is expanding its network of partnerships with academic, commercial and government stakeholders to advance the global availability of MeMed BV™, expand the test menu of MeMed Key™ and drive MeMed’s pipeline of protein and RNA immune-based tools, including tests for severity and acute infection in young infants.





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