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Founded in 1993, Brand Institute (BI) was created on this principle: provide the highest quality name development services, produced and presented by the most experienced professionals, in a timely manner, and at a competitive price. As we strive to deliver industry-leading nomenclature services, we are constantly adapting to our clients’ needs to deliver greater value and successful outcomes.

We recognized early on that we are only as good as our people. We purposefully brought on and retained in-house healthcare and branding professionals to offer the best value, knowledge, experience and service to our clients. We understood the highly specialized nature of our business and tailored our methodology to be more specific to our healthcare, consumer and B2B clients’ needs. We listened to our clients and we learned from regulatory and industry leaders, quickly evolving to changes in the marketplace. We kept a laser focus on our core competencies (Brand Strategy, Name Creation, Trademark Screening, Market Research, Safety Research, Regulatory Affairs, and Design) and continuously innovated in each of these areas.

These principles and the dedication of our people have allowed Brand Institute to become the world’s leading branding consultancy with a portfolio of more consumer & healthcare brand names and identities than any other company in the world (over 3,000 brands for 1,000+ companies)!





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