Mr Joshua Bustos | Chief Executive Officer
Safi Airways, Afghanistan | Afghanistan

Mr Joshua Bustos, Chief Executive Officer, Safi Airways, Afghanistan

Joshua Gene Bustos joined Safi Airways in October 2015 as the Chief Executive Officer.  In this role Josh is responsible for the Commercial department at Safi Airways.  This includes Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing, Alliances, Cargo, Ecommerce, Network Planning and Scheduling, Pricing and Public Relations.

Josh Bustos is a commercial aviation executive with over 19 years’ experience of running airlines around the world.  He began his career in the Airline Industry in 1996 with experience ranging from full service airlines such as American Airlines to Ultra Low Cost Airlines like Spirit Airlines.  Josh also worked for South African Airways from 2008-2011.  He was part of the team that led the airline through restructuring and helped achieve three of their most profitable years (2008-2010). Josh also spent two years at Sabre Airline Solutions running Airline Solutions Delivery and Consulting for pricing and revenue management products and  oversaw consulting and delivery engagements at over 50 airlines.  Following Sabre, Josh joined Tiger Air Group which was responsible for the Tiger Air brand of airlines which included Tiger Air Australia, Tiger Air Indonesia , Tiger Air Philippines and Tiger Air Singapore and was part of the team to for the launch of  Tiger Air Taiwan.  Josh then joined Revenue Management Systems Inc. where he ran the business development, sales and support activities for Asia from the Singapore office.  Josh is a professionally trained spokesperson and has done both television and radio interviews along with speaking at major governing institutions.  Josh has a Bachelor’s degree from Excelsior College and holds a Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Miami.

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