Tom Nash | CEO and CTO

Tom Nash, CEO and CTO, Marketsflow

Tom is a seasoned Capital Markets professional and Data entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience developing state of the art Financial,Data and Technology platforms.

He is also the principal architect and founder of MarketsFlow and its innovative Portfolio optimisation platform. Tom also currently manages the strategies for Portfolios running on MarketsFlow's platform.

With MBA from Glasgow University, Tom focused on Data Science, Algorithms and ERP Systems. For his research dissertation, he was resident at Compaq and SAP to analyse datasets around management of Compaq's resources. He was highly impressed with the way Compaq were using data to improve financial marginability and minimise waste in human resource utilisation.

It was this earlier understanding of data mining and extrapolation, which later became the focus throughout Tom's professional career of dissecting financial datasets to visualise behavioural patterns, create optimisations and Machine Learning based improvisations.

Tom brings a unique perspective to MarketsFlow in developing the proprietary Machine Learning based Robo Advosry and Digital Wealth management platform, he works with Fund Managers, and clients to optimised Portfolio strategies for performance and applying risk management.


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 16:50


In five minutes hear from start-ups that are innovating and disrupting
  • The proposition
  • Technical features
  • Benefits
  • Why you should invest/deploy/partner

Wealth 2.0 day 2 @ 14:30

Panel discussion: Machine learning: What does this really mean for the wealth and asset management community going forward?

  • Does machine learning mean the end of the asset manager?
  • How might machine learning alter the role of the wealth and the fund managers?
  • Will advisory and fund management become close under machine learning?
  • Using ML to enhance customisation: Does this mean better client service?

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