Pawel Janus | Director of E.T.F. Strategist and Researcher

Pawel Janus, Director of E.T.F. Strategist and Researcher, UBS

·Pawel Janus is the Head of Passive and ETF Investment Analytics at UBS Asset Management.
·He joined the Passive and ETF team in January 2014 based in Zurich and is responsible for research activities around passive products, incl. ETFs and index funds.
·His expertise includes portfolio construction methods with a particular focus on indexed frameworks including recent developments like factor-based strategies, passive ESG investments or liquid fixed income segments.
·Prior to UBS Asset Management, Pawel was responsible for global credit risk modelling at UBS Firm-Wide Risk Aggregation team, where he was in charge of credit risk model development and production. He previously worked for APG Asset Management and Commerzbank Group.
·Pawel Janus is a frequent speaker at various conferences and seminars. He has published his research in scientific journals including Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Journal of Financial Econometrics or Journal of Empirical Finance. He held research visit at the Stanford University during his doctoral research.


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 13:50

Factor Investing: What could this do for Wealth 2.0?

  • What are the new passive investment opportunities?
  • What is driving interest  in factor-based investing?
  • Is factor investing worth considering as a valuable investment proposal?
  • Can factor investing change risk or equity levels in the glidepath?

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