Carlo Trugenberger | Founder
SwissScientific Technologies SA

Carlo Trugenberger, Founder, SwissScientific Technologies SA

SwissScientific pioneers the offering of trading power on demand based on its proprietary automated, algorithmic strategies founded on advanced methods from mathematics, physics and artificial intelligence. These are designed with the goal to provide absolute returns at low risk over long time horizons and to offer protection against crashes by its extreme events pattern identification techniques. Contrary to standard financial and hedge funds, assets are not pooled but rather held in a distributed structure in which each customer retains full control of his/her account on which he/she can activate/deactivate trading at will. SwissScientific acts thus only as a service provider with important regulatory  consequences.


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 14:50

From hedge funds to autonomous algorithmic cloud trading

  • The difference between traditional hedge funds and new distributed “hedge networks”
  • Centralization of assets vs. provision of trading intelligence
  • Keeping full control over own assets, lowering costs , simpler regulatory framework and avoiding errors under stress
  • Putting at work probability theory, theoretical physics and artificial intelligence
  • Can machines predict crashes?

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