AGENDA DAY 1 - Wednesday, 29th November


Wealth 2.0 day 1


Dena Brumpton

The future of wealth management: Examining a changing landscape

  • The new customer’s demands and their role in shaping the wealth management industry
  • Realising the value from digital excellence: How is technology transforming the wealth industry?
  • The impact of fintech on the big players: How are Barclays keeping up in a digitally dominated world?
  • How are Barclays driving change in delivering investment strategies for their clients?
Nick Middleton

Lessons on disruption from an incumbent: how a focus on client needs, rather than new competitors, led us to UBS SmartWealth

  • The impact of robo-advice on the wealth management industry: An opportunity and a challenge
  • The evolution of UBS SmartWealth: How did UBS incorporate UBS SmartWealth into their business strategy
  • How technology can be used to improve client service, and where the human touch should still prevail
  • The role of robo-advice in wealth management: growing the addressable market and meeting the expectations of younger generations
John Barrass

C-Suite Panel discussion: How is digital transformation changing the investment and wealth industries?

  • What role might the relationship manager play in an increasingly digital world?
  • Which technologies have the greatest potential to disrupt the WAM market?
  • How will the changing nature of wealth affect the client relationship?
  • Who are the main beneficiaries of digitalisation: Customer, bank, advisor or everyone?

Speed Networking


Networking Break


Roundtables: Delegates can choose a discussion of their choice

Social media: a pathway to trust or a serious risk to the advisor network?
John Barrass, Deputy Chief Executive, Wealth Management Association

Artificial Intelligence: what could this do for Robo-advisors?
Alistair Haig, Research and Teaching Fellow, Edinburgh Business School

Customer engagement in wealth: Engaging consumers both directly and via intermediaries
Alistair Welham, Head of Marketing, Elevate – Standard Life

ESG: How Wealth Managers can adapt to the growing demand for ESG investments
Steve Kowal, CFA Executive Director, EMEA Index Products, MSCI 

Managing a wealth transformation project: Deliver successful people and organisational change programmes
Shauna Mullin, Senior Transformation Manager, Santander UK

Robo advisors: Relative strengths and weaknesses of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
Joe Ziemer, Vice President of Communications, Betterment

Digital Wealth: Why does it matter whether your robo advisor is in the Cloud?
Thomas Achhorner, Global Head of Solutions, Additiv

ETFS: How can they work with the robo advisor?
Luis Rivera, Co-Founder and CEO, ETFmatic

Enabling a hybrid-advice strategy: Increasing the advisor's capacity to personalize service with augmented intelligence
Bryan Sachdeva, VP, Wealth Management Solutions, NexJ Systems 


Networking Lunch




stream a

Panel discussion: How will robo advisors revolutionise the entire investment value chain?

  • What do customers want and not want from robo advisors and how does this change between demographics of clients?
  • How are asset management and wealth management morphing with robo tech?
  • Is robo advice best for long, medium or short term investments?
  • How do you create the right balance between automated and human touch points?
  • What happens when robos get it wrong?

Panel discussion: Engaging your future consumer with financial planning: What must be done today?

  • Understanding the next generation of customers: How do they behave and what do they want from their investments?
  • How are companies preparing to engage millennials and generation Z investors?
  • Which channels should firms be present in to accurately attract new investors?
  • Social media and customer engagement: How active should you be?
stream a

Factor Investing: What could this do for Wealth 2.0?

  • What are the new passive investment opportunities?
  • What is driving interest  in factor-based investing?
  • Is factor investing worth considering as a valuable investment proposal?
  • Can factor investing change risk or equity levels in the glidepath?

Guiding your client through a digital investment advisory journey

  • Using goal-based profiling to obtain a holistic view of your client’s financial circumstances
  • Empowering your client advisor with a state-of-the-art investment proposal engine
  • How to tackle regulatory requirements with a sophisticated risk engine
  • How to engage your client with an interactive advisory tool
  • Increasing efficiency and improving profitability with a fully-integrated system



stream a

Disrupting the traditional pension industry and engaging a lost generation

·         Overview of Pensionbee’s mission: Making pensions simple
·         Attracting the ‘lost generation’: Which channels are Pensionbee using and why?
·         Using technology to gain and sustain customer engagement
·         Tackling the challenge of natural trust barrier for financial products

stream a

Driving the transparency agenda forward in the pension industry

Chris Sier, Chair, FCA Institutional Disclosure Working Group

How why’d is your customer experience gap?

  • Learn how to narrow the gap between your customers and your organization by gaining and maintaining their perspective over yours
  • Understand why they engage your products and services over why you provide them
  • Applicable knowledge to ensure your organisation embraces the big picture, from the most important perspective, first



stream a

From hedge funds to autonomous algorithmic cloud trading

  • The difference between traditional hedge funds and new distributed “hedge networks”
  • Centralization of assets vs. provision of trading intelligence
  • Keeping full control over own assets, lowering costs , simpler regulatory framework and avoiding errors under stress
  • Putting at work probability theory, theoretical physics and artificial intelligence
  • Can machines predict crashes?

Cutting through the noise: reaching out to first time investors

  • Identifying and catering to an underserved market segment
  • Getting the attention of an audience who may not know they need your service
  • Building a human brand as a digital service
  • Growing and maintaining investor engagement for the long term
stream a

Panel discussion: Moving from innovation to adoption: How do you properly integrate digital skills into your firm?

  • Should wealth management companies buy or build their own robo advisor platforms?
  • Should technology be developed internally, through a partnership or via the acquisition of a current partner?
  • Buying a fintech product: the pros and cons of becoming the middle man
  • Do traditional firms have the required agility to respond to tomorrow’s challenges?
Luis Felipe Rivera, Chief Operating Officer, Pilatus Bank

5 key benefits of social media to your digital wealth management business strategy

  • Know what your customers are saying and where and when they are saying it
  • Locate and engage with prospects and next-gen clients
  • Deepening existing relationships in order to retain current assets and improve customer experience
  • Using social media to quickly respond to reputable complaints
  • Expand your professional network via social media

Afternoon Networking Break


Giulia Lupato

Keynote panel discussion: Improving your customer’s digital experience to increase retention

  • What digital offerings are companies using to improve customer retention?
  • How does that experience change across different channels?
  • Avoiding abandonments through an improved customer experience
  • Loyalty schemes and rewards: What’s working?
Moderator: Giulia Lupato, Senior Policy Advisor, PIMFA
Jono Hey, Head of User Experience, Nutmeg
Michael Mellinghoff
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