Factories are looking to leverage the power of AI and IoT within their private networks through ultra-low latency 5G networks. 5GFACTORY will shed light on the use cases of 5G in factories and production lines ranging from fault localisation to real-time management of large processes.
Data acquisition, emergency care facilities and other similar challenges have pushed institutions to further explore solutions through 5G. 5GHEALTH will hear from thought leadership in this area and explore 5G use cases ranging from wearables in hospitals to AR and VR applications supported by 5G to support remote surgery.
Initiatives towards greater efficiency, security and user experience within the Utilities sector is driving adoption of 5G connectivity as a solution. 5GUTILITIES will look into how and to what extent intelligent, low-latency connectivity is making management of utilities, energy and related elements easier and more efficient.
A variety of companies are investing significant amounts into mobile technologies that enable autonomous vehicles but also empower rail travel and more. 5GTRANSPORT will look into the value proposition of 5G networks from the perspective of transport, both private and public.
Smart cities and buildings have been predicted to be one of the inevitable advancements that we will see in the near future for urban living. The question now is what shape this will take. 5GPLACES will address the ideas of thought leaders in this area and the use cases that we can expect to see in the future.
Usage of ultrafast networks are seeing special interest in the field of agriculture, assisted by projects such as ‘5GRuralFirst’ that show that 5G has a place in our fields too. 5GAGRICULTURE will host use cases for a mixture of 5G and IoT from fishing with assistance from sensors to real-time information on the health of cattle.
The home is where consumers, as opposed to industry, will be able to experience 5G connectivity. 5GHOME will showcase and evaluate the mobile devices and use cases that will contribute to building a B2C 5G experience, ranging from smartphones to smart meters and beyond.
AR and VR media has been seen a resurgence in interest when coupled with conversation of the benefits of 5G to the entertainment and media industry. 5GMEDIA will look to host a deep dive into the use cases for high speed connectivity within lifestyle applications.
Banking has been investing profusely into the potential that IoT and AI has for their industry, benefits which will be especially boosted by the integration of 5G connectivity. 5GFINANCE will look into the use cases of 5G connectivity with regards to money and banking.
New ventures are one of the key forces that are driving innovation when it comes to commercializing technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G. 5GSTARTUPS will showcase the best of ventures that have stepped up to the challenge of leveraging these technologies as a use case.




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