For the 22nd annual World Communication Awards we have thoroughly reviewed the categories and made some significant changes with a number of new categories and a few retirements of old categories.

We have also simplified the entry requirements and criteria to reflect the dynamic nature of the telecom industry.

We will only accept electronic entries and the entry deadline is Friday 5 June 2020.

You will require a credit card for payment of entries (except for personal categories, which are free to enter)

All entries must refer to and show demonstrable results during the period 1 November 2017 to 30 April 2020.

All entries will be assessed by our panel of more than 60 expert judges based purely on the material submitted. All judges are impartial and the information submitted will be treated as confidential. You can be assured that our judges are some of the most respected names in the industry and the breadth of our panel allows for extremely vigorous judging.

To view a list of all judges, click here .


To complete the online entry form, for each category you will need:

  1. ENTRY TITLE: The name of the company, individual, product or service you are entering
  2. SUMMARY: A statement of up to 500-words summarising what is being entered. In this section think about:
    •  Standing out from competitor companies, peers and rival products and solutions
    •  Areas of innovation and achievement – including new technologies and processes
    •  Audience – both internal and external. Think about customers, partners and colleagues.
    •  Future growth and development plans
    •  How what or who you are entering fits in the wider landscape of your business
  3. RESULTS: This section is a statement of up to 500 words demonstrating why the entry should win. Think about both quantitative and qualitative measure of success to reflect how well the objectives have been met. Depending on the category being entered, judges are particularly interested in:
    • • Evidence of innovation
    • • Influence on corporate culture and development of people and skills
    • • Measures of commercial success (revenue / subscriber numbers / profit)
    • • Customer success: subscriber numbers, satisfaction and engagement
  4. PROOF: Up to three pieces of supporting evidence, including at least one testimonial. Other acceptable forms of evidence include, but are not limited to: statistics and financial results. It is acceptable to include links to videos, news coverage and similar, but please remember the judges have many entries to review, so a brief testimonial is the best form of proof.





Entry requirements

The entry must be in English. A single campaign can be entered into any number of categories but the judges reserve the right to re-allocate any entry, which in their view, has been incorrectly categorised. (Judges recommend each entry is rewritten to match the criteria of that category).


Multiple entries

To enter the same company for more than one category, complete the form for the first entry and then click on “Enter another category” at the end of the form. We advise that you only submit one entry for the same organisation in a given category.


Payment options

Credit card – on completing your entry(s), you will be taken to an online payments page. Please have your credit card ready.

Invoice – on completing your entry(s), you will have an option to request an invoice.

For Individual Categories - please select the "request an invoice" option as you will not be charged.


Cost of entry

Cost per entry: £450 (+VAT).

Cost for multiple entries: £450 (+VAT) for the first entry, £350 (+VAT) for subsequent entries.

For 2020, entries for individual categories are free of charge (request an invoice at the payment stage - you will not be charged). 

This applies to CEO of the Year, Technologist of the Year, and the Woman in Telecoms Award.



If you have any queries or problems submitting this form, please email the World Communication Awards team on .





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+44 (0) 207 092 1077





James Harvey
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James Llewellyn
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