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High speed connectivity for Europe's future

Connected Europe is a two day conference that will bring together key stakeholders tasked with improved both fixed and non-fixed connectivity, from telecom operators and service providers to government departments.



Conference room at Total Telecom Congress 2016

Speed networking at Connected Britain

Exhibition room at Total Telecom Congress 2016

Three years ago Total Telecom launched the Connected Britain conference in London. The event has continued to grow and is now the premiere annual gathering of the telecoms industry, government and other key stakeholders to discuss the importance of high-speed connectivity in the UK for the economy and society, and most importantly how we get there.

Over this period, connectivity and especially broadband infrastructure has risen up the agenda of the European Commission who have now set out clear goals and established funding plans for what they believe is the key driver of jobs and economic growth in the EU. This crystallised in September 2016 when the European Commission outlined ambitious targets for EU telcos in the European Electronic Communications Code.
Against this background, Total Telecom have decided to launch Connected Europe with the first event taking place in Lisbon in October 2017. Connected Europe, like Connected Britain, will provide the perfect space for stakeholders to come together to understand how they can hit new connectivity targets, deliver socioeconomic benefits and network with the evolving and growing broadband ecosystem.

It is time to join in the discussion.



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