Michelle Katics | Chief Executive Officer
BankersLab Pte. Ltd. |

Michelle Katics, Chief Executive Officer, BankersLab Pte. Ltd.

FinTech Entrepreneur and Start-Up Mentor. Risk manager, mathematician, and economist by training. Michelle is driven by a mission to systemically improve how we apply skill and wisdom in the Fintech and Banking world. Sharp human skills are are needed to reap the rewards of FinTech innovation.  

At the moment, she is focused on the rollout of PortfolioQuest: SaaS simulation training & gaming platform for bank employees. Aside from awesome training, it provides human capital benchmarking solutions for compliance officers, Bank and FinTech CXOs, and FinTech investors. Early detection and troubleshooting of bank and FinTech employees’ forecasting, decision making and portfolio management skills.

Michelle co-founded BankersLab® (www.bankerslab.com), who deliver classroom format “flight simulator" simulation training for FinTech and Bankers. Their SaaS training simulation has been used by banks, credit unions, credit bureaus, training institutes and financial sector vendors from 45 countries.

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