Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

The REINHAUSEN Group is active in the field of power engineering and is composed of the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) located in Regensburg and its 22 subsidiaries spread all around the world. In the past fiscal year 2,700 employees generated sales of over 500 million Euros.
Its core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is achieved primarily by using on-load tap-changers that adjust the turn ratio of the primary and secondary windings to the changing load ratios and together with other innovative products and services ensure the failure-free supply of power. Other major divisions include the construction of high-voltage testing and diagnostic systems, the manufacture of composite insulators, the conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and surface modification using atmospheric-pressure plasma technologies. Our customers are manufacturers of high-voltage equipment and systems, power utility companies and large-scale industries with intensive power requirements.
The activities of the group are managed by the headquarters in Regensburg. This is the home of the management, the center of global marketing and sales activities, of research and development as well as the highly qualified workplaces with different added-value levels that also include substantial parts of our production. Due to the great importance placed on the success of the company group, the location in Regensburg is currently being expanded to include an experimental field and innovation center the like of which has never been seen anywhere in the world. The intention here is to secure the enormous growth of the company on a permanent basis, so that even in future attractive workplaces can be generated for the different locations.

The intelligent power transformer
We make transformers intelligent, in other words controllable. And we make sure that your operators – energy supply companies or industrial companies – can control them at any time. On-load tap-changer technology is a crucial element in this process – it is also our core competence. We played a leading role in their development. For the first time ever our VACUTAP® on-load tap-changers made it possible to provide the user with a maintenance-free system. The product range of the MR brand includes off-circuit tap-changers, power drives as well as control and monitoring units. Oil level and temperature gauges, pressure relief valves, maintenance-free dehumidifiers and electronic thermometers round off the portfolio.
Only the best technological and cost-effective solutions
This applies to all products: they just offer more. More innovation, more quality, more availability. That is why we manage to set new industrial standards, time and time again.
Until 2008 more than 150,000 on-load tap-changers "made by MR" have been delivered worldwide. More than 5,000 of these on-load tap-changers are still operating failure free after 40 years and more. Proof enough of their tremendous long-term quality. This is backed by our specialists, strict quality controls and a particularly high degree of vertical integration. The target set by our engineers for each and every commission is always the same: to find the best individual solution for the customer, both from the point of view of technology and cost-effectiveness. This can be achieved thanks to our competent engineering team with above average project experience and the modular design of our products. If necessary we can put our own expertise to the test – in our own experimental centre, a technical laboratory that is has no equal anywhere in the world.