Aero 360 Solutions


We are Aero 360 Solutions, an integrated data solutions specialist that utilizes state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology or drones including ground based robotics, and water-based robotics that are equipped with full high definition cameras, thermal cameras, Lidar Sensor, crop sensing devices, and other specialized cameras and sensors that can be used for Geospatial and Geotechnical applications. We provide integrated solutions for surveying and inspections, project documentation, monitoring and reporting, data gathering and analytics. Our services have found application in various industrial activities such as solar plant inspection and maintenance, Power-line inspection and monitoring, construction projects, mining, oil and gas, plant inspection and maintenance, land survey and mapping, emergency preparedness and response, among others.

Our services approach has been gaining popularity as a cost-effective oversight and decision-making tool. Compared to conventional methods, our services together with the robotics, software, and methodology we use offers better information and data accuracy, more time efficient, safe, risk control capability and lower operating costs.

The solutions developed by Aero 360 Solutions, Inc., is a by-product of combined expertise and experience in the following field:
  • 8 years in Risk Management Consulting
  • 8 years in Surveying & Mapping
  • 8 years in GIS solutions
  • 8 Years in Drone operations