Suvritha Ramphal | Programme Officer
Royal Danish Embassy

Suvritha Ramphal, Programme Officer, Royal Danish Embassy

With previous experience in the private consultancy space in South Africa and a lifelong commitment to NGO/volunteer work, Suvritha Ramphal currently works for the Danish Embassy, supporting the facilitation of bilateral cooperation between the South African and Danish Water Ministries in the areas of ground water management, urban water management, water efficiency in industries, research and innovation and water infrastructure financing; in her role as the Program Officer for the Strategic Water Sector Program. Suvritha is also the Vice Chair Person of the NGO, South African Young Water Professionals and has been committed to the organisation for the past six years, giving off her time to help bridge the gap between young and existing professionals in the water sector nationally and internationally. She serves on the IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee where she actively engages with a broader international network of professionals also in bridging the knowledge gap between like-minded organisations and is currently completing a Masters at the University of Pretoria in Environmental Economics. She has a strong focus on building leaders and making an impact in the water sector.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:40

Leadership in an agile and changing world

  •     How current leaders stay relevant 
  •     Retaining leaders, making them feel valued
  •     Recruitment – understanding millennials and their potential 
  •     The leadershift – developing and engaging the next generation of leaders 
  •     Managing a multicultural workforce 

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