Hon. Minister Sam Cheptoris | Senior Minister
Ministry of Water And Environment

Hon. Minister Sam Cheptoris, Senior Minister, Ministry of Water And Environment

Sam Cheptoris is a Ugandan politician. In 2011 Cheptoris won the Kapchorwa District LC5 position on the National Resistance Movement political party ticket. After one five-year term, he successfully contested for the newly created Kapchorwa Municipality constituency in the Parliament of Uganda. On 6 June 2016, he was appointed as Cabinet Minister of Water and Environment. Cheptoris is the proprietor of (a) Kapchrowa Standard Academy, a secondary school in Kapchorwa District and (b) Cheminy Standard Academy, a secondary school in neighboring Kween District.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 09:00

Dry the beloved country – Why a New Paradigm of Water Management is Needed

  •     Day Zero has shown that current forecasting is no longer accurate under conditions of climate change
  •     Day Zero is the logical outcome of a Paradigm of Scarcity
  •     The Paradigm of Scarcity is based on managed water as a finite and therefore scarce resource  
  •     In reality water is an infinitely renewable resource because it’s a flux, not a stock 
  •     Therefore a New Paradigm of Abundance is needed to restore confidence, create jobs and grow the economy

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