Malusi Dlamini | Water Loss Engineer
Swaziland Water Services

Malusi Dlamini, Water Loss Engineer, Swaziland Water Services

Malusi Dlamini is the Water Loss Engineer for Swaziland Water Services Corporation. He has 4 years experience in water utility operations and he specializes in leakage management practices including network zoning and pressure management, network hydraulic modeling and network designs. He has keen interest in research particularly asset management of water infrastructure systems.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:00

Capitalising on rapid advances in technology to combat leakage

  •     Smart cities, smart leak detection 
  •     Equipping your network with sensors and real-time monitoring solutions 
  •     Viewing leakage as lost revenue – changing the internal approach to leakage management
  •     Detecting leakage through data analysis
  •     Tailoring your national roadmap and mandate  

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