Jason Mingo | Task Manager: Ecological Infrastructure and Bioremediation
Western Cape Government

Jason Mingo, Task Manager: Ecological Infrastructure and Bioremediation, Western Cape Government

Jason Mingo has followed his passion for water management, following his post-graduate degree in both Environmental Science and Freshwater Ecology. With a strong background in environmental sector non-profit organisations, Jason values the power of community engagement in driving change. As a Task Manager for the Western Cape Government, Jason is involved across different levels of policy development, project planning and implementation in terms of innovative and sustainable practices for water management at a provincial level. Strongly passionate about the application of design and systems thinking throughout his work, Jason applies alternative approaches and innovative thinking in dealing with future challenges South Africa will face regarding its most precious and finite resource. From the rehabilitation of river systems to the inclusion of fit-for-purpose, water sensitive design solutions for resource conservation, Jason’s work has a central focus on collaboration and working across disciplines.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:20

Making the water industry sexy again: Welcome the young water professionals

  •     Embracing millennials
  •     How tailored skills development can leverage the strengths of each generation
  •     Skills and business objections that match
  •     Moving away from traditional models – going digital 
  •     Developing skilled and tech-savvy water professionals 

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