Andre Kruger | Head
Africa Investment and Integration Desk – NBF

Andre Kruger, Head, Africa Investment and Integration Desk – NBF

Mr. Kruger joined the Nepad Business Foundation as program manager of the new Africa Investment and Integration Desk (AVID) during November 2015. The intention of this desk, in essence, to support the development of infrastructure and services on the African continent through collaboration with the international finance community. Mr. Kruger has an extensive view of water and sanitation projects across Africa and across the various specialist areas covering water resources, bulk distribution, reticulation –across public and private utilities, public and private operators and the significant technology changes taking place.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 11:40

Bridging the bankability gap: Emerging models for PPP’s

  •     New financing models: one size does not fit all 
  •     Tailoring the PPP structure to meet all stakeholder requirements 
  •     The impact of policy and risk in utility-scale projects 
  •     Partnership enablers: Tools, practices and opportunities for empowering PPP’s

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