Water Seminar Day 2

Water Show

Edwin George
Water Seminar

Effective drinking water supply not only for households, but also for the regions without electricity supply and without no infrastructure

Edwin George, Chief Executive Officer, Ujeta SA
Mohamed Hassan Bekhit
Water Seminar

Future Trends in Pipe Technology / Fiberglass Pipe Systems for Infrastructure and Water Applications

Mohamed Hassan Bekhit, Export Sales Manager, Future Pipe industries
Juan Blanco-Traba
Water Seminar

Water Cycle

Juan Blanco-Traba, Export Director, ARPA
Khanya Ngonyama
Water Seminar

Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation in Waste Water Treatment

Khanya Ngonyama, Director, Blue Gold Holdings
James Brown
Water Seminar

Delta Water solutions on Mining

James Brown, Director, Delta water South Africa
James Preston
Water Seminar

Integrated design and operation of water treatment facilities

James Preston, Marketing Manager, SBS Tanks
Diane Hildebrandt
Water Seminar

Driving Innovation in water and waste analysis methods

Diane Hildebrandt, Director: Ideas, UNISA
Greg Blandford
Water Seminar

Introducing the source hydro-panel from zero Mass Water. A solar powered off-grid water solution for home, commercial and rural applications

Greg Blandford, Director – Renewable Energy, Rubicon
David Holcroft
Water Seminar

Siemens Pump Blockage Detection

David Holcroft, Business Development Manager, Siemens Southern Africa Ltd
Levine Warries
Water Seminar

Killing of enteric bacteria in drinking water by means of a copper device

Levine Warries, Centre Director, Copper Development Association Africa
Water Seminar

Taking non-paying municipalities out of the picture - Remodelling the water supply model

Water Seminar

Doing more with current revenues – Developing a new form of revenue resiliency

last published: 21/Mar/18 07:45 GMT