Water Seminar Day 1

Water seminar

Desigan Govender
Water Seminar

Smart metering as a tool for water savings

Desigan Govender, Chief Technical Officer, Aqualoc
Moses Mavasa
Water Seminar

Atmospheric water generators in the 21st century

Moses Mavasa, General Manager, Resotec Water
Ken Dewar
Water Seminar

Global Trends – Stainless Steel in Municipal Water Distribution Systems

Ken Dewar, Technical Advisor, S.A. S.S.D.A.
Miso Shongwe
Water Seminar

How governments can drive large investments in water infrastructure

Miso Shongwe, Marketing Manager, Imagua Water Technologies
Omar Nayfeh
Water Seminar

The new global emergency service

Omar Nayfeh, CEO, Drought Solution
Nora Hanke
Water Seminar

Skills development strategy-supply and demand for Water

Nora Hanke, Acting Water sector Manager, EWSETA
Steven Dickson
Water Seminar

Calibration systematic and random uncertainty, why calibrate flow meters

Steven Dickson, Head of UKAS flow laboratory, ABB
Jonathan Jacobi
Water Seminar

Introduction to the technology and the company

Jonathan Jacobi, Sales Manager, Utilis Corp
Gerhard Cronje
Water Seminar

Sustainable Re-use of Water

Gerhard Cronje, CEO of Maskam Water, Maskam Water (Pty) Ltd
Ambrose Chikukwa
Water Seminar

Integrated asset lifecycle approach for managing water and wastewater infrastructure

Ambrose Chikukwa, Accounts Manager, Bentley Systems Inc
Derek Lubie
Water Seminar

Pressurized Chlorine Gas to Peace of Mind

Derek Lubie, President, Electrolytic Technologies LLC
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