Steve Hayzen-Smith | Senior Operator - Class 1 (SUAS) Unmanned Air Systems
British Army

Steve Hayzen-Smith, Senior Operator - Class 1 (SUAS) Unmanned Air Systems, British Army

Major Steve Hayzen-Smith joined the Royal Artillery in 1987. Originally a Lance Nuclear Missile operator he then moved to Air Defence - predominantly in the Battle space management field. Since 2005 Maj Hayzen-Smith has been working in the UAS environment. He was promoted to Warrant Officer Class One in 2009 and was selected for a commission in 2012. Maj Hayzen-Smith served as the Battery Captain of 21 Air Assault Battery, deploying to Afghanistan as the Flying Supervisor and Flight Safety Officer of an integrated UAS Battery, operating HERMES 450 TUAS, DESERT HAWK 3 (DH3) and TARANTULA HAWK MUAS. On completion of the tour, Maj Hayzen-Smith was appointed as the Regimental Flight Safety Officer for 47 Regt RA, operating WATCHKEEPER (WK) and DH3. In 2016 Maj Hayzen-Smith was appointed as the Duty Holder Air Safety Officer for 1 ISR Bde, responsible to the Delivery Duty Holder for Special Forces and Army MUAS. During his tenure he was presented with the Peter Wilson Air Safety Award for his contribution to Joint Helicopter Command Air Safety. Maj Hayzen-Smith was appointed the MUAS Senior Operator on 1 May 18 and is responsible for all Army and Special Forces Class 1 C systems. Maj Hayzen-Smith has seen operational service in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Cyprus and has trained all over the world. He is married to Connie and enjoys golf, rugby and is a frustrated Grimsby Town FC fan.


The Commercial UAV Show - Day 1 - 14th November 2018 @ 12:10

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