Andrew Huggins | Chief Air Engineer Miniature Unmanned Air Systems
British Army

Andrew Huggins, Chief Air Engineer Miniature Unmanned Air Systems, British Army

Major Andy Huggins is the Chief Air Engineer for British Army Miniature Unmanned Air Systems. He is responsible for managing the engineering and continuing airworthiness risks associated with the operating and maintaining of unmanned air systems, beyond visual line of sight.  Alongside this he delivers engineering assurance and is responsible for implementing and challenging policy and regulation for Class 1 Remotely Piloted Air Systems operated within the MAA regulated Military Aviation Environment.
Prior to taking up this role, he has previously gained a wide experience of aviation engineering.  In the type domain, he has been the Mechanical and Structures Engineering Authority for Army Fixed Wing aviation platforms.  He has also held a number of appointments, as a senior maintenance engineer and manager, previously heading organizations that deliver line and base maintenance both in the UK and deployed oversees on operations.


The Commercial UAV Show - Day 2 - 15th November 2018 @ 14:20

Integrating and managing a large fleet of UAS into the enterprise

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