The Seminar Theatres  on the exhibition floor allow companies to present case studies to the high level delegates that circulate the floor. Anyone is free to attend these sessions giving unparalleled exposure to the end user market. 


Sessions in 2016 included:

Data and Analytics

  • Data deluge- showcasing how UAVs are revolutionising sea turtle conservation, and how you can help
    Miguel Varela, researcher, University of Exeter
    Alasdair Davies, Technical Specialist- Conservation Technology Unit, The Zoological Society of London
  • RiCOPTER: Latest RIEGL LiDAR Technology for UAV-based applications in surveying
    Philipp Amon, Manager of UAS Operation, Riegl
  • The study of large-scale badlands environments using UAV imagery
    Dr Alexandre Nobajas, Human Geography Course Director, Keele University
  • Professional Unmanned Operations and Safe Airspace Integration
    Jon Damush, Vice President and General Manager, Insitu Commercial
  • Predicting the future with drone based industrial inspections
    Lead by: Sky Futures
  • Monitoring our landscape and atmosphere using novel UAV techniques at the British Geological Survey
    Dr Colm Jordan, Head of Earth & Planetary Observation & Monitoring, British Geological Survey
  • Using UAV’s for commercial archaeological investigations
    Dr Paul Baggaley, Director, Wessex Archaeology
  • UAVs for phenology, landslide and forest disease
    Elias Fernando Berra, PhD Student in Geomatics, Newcastle University

Emergency Services Theatre

  • UAVs in flooding response and water rescue
    Jon Wordsworth, Herts Fire & Rescue

  • Policing the Australian sky: The Australian Regulatory Environment for UAVs
    Craig Shepherd, Unit Commander - Police Air Wing, Police Air Wing - Victoria Police Force
  • Making progress in emergency and rescue: tethered UAVs for secure and cost-effective aerial monitoring
    Kevin Howlette, Director, Emergency Fire & Safety
  • Thermal-imaging techniques in search and rescue
    Seamus Kearns, Training Instructor, Surrey Search and Rescue Team
  • Incorporating drone technology into Greater Copenhagen Fire Department’s emergency services operations
    Thomas Braagaard Sylvest, Head of U.A.V. Education and Operations, Copenhagen Fire Dept.
  • Reviewing the trial of UAVs in Devon and Cornwall
    Andrew Hamilton, Police Inspector, Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team presents their work with drones
    Gearoid O'Brien, Pilot, Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo

Mapping and GIS

  • How the Aibotix UAV makes your business fly
    John Kerrigan, Ireland Country Manager & UAV Business Manager, UK & Ireland, Leica Geosystems
  • Flying the unflyable
    Mat Kellett, Mobile Mapping, UAV & OEM Sales Manager, Topcon Positioning Systems
  • Indoor inspection: the new UAV opportunity
    Johan Mlouka, Sales Manager, Flyability
  • Using RPAs to conduct surveys in the coastal zone
    Dean Foden, Nuclear Programme Leader and RPA Accountable Manager, CEFAS
  • UAVs in civil engineering and inspection
    Jonas Selders, Owner, Future Services
  • UAV photogrammetry for sea cliff erosional mapping
    Dr John Barlow, Lecturer in Applied Geomorphology, University of Sussex
  • The benefits of UAVs in surveying, and case studies from industry
    Jakub Karas, Director, Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance
  • Autonomous Software-Controlled drones are now an everyday reality: How can that be used by your business / industry / sector?
    Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and CEO, Unmanned Life
  • High performance inertial measurement and stabilization systems ignite development innovation
    Robert Scannell, Product Marketing Manager, Analog Devices
    Sean D'Arcy, Aerospace Segment Marketing Manager, Analog Devices
  • The latest mapping drone technology
    Brock Ryder, Sales Director, senseFly
  • How might research and technological developments increase the use of UAVs in engineering consulting?
    Alex Bellis, Geomorphologist (Tunnels and Earth Engineering),, CH2M
  • Pix4D presents new industry solutions
    Caroline Bailey, Sales Manager, Pix4d
  • It’s all about the data – not the drone
    Richard Gauchwin, Mapping Sales Consultant, Korec Group
  • UAV remote sensing in environmental engineering
    Philipp Thumser, Managing Director, I AM HYDRO
  • Tackling climate change: UAV mapping of the tropical forest canopy
    Catherine Waite, PhD Student, University of Nottingham

UAV Innovation

  • Drone traffic management: safety matters
    Jean-Pierre De Muyt, Vice President International Sales, UniFly
  • Using drones for great ape conservation in Indonesia and Tanzania
    Professor Serge Wich, Biologist/Ecologist, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Remotely Piloted Aerial Survey: Hire dedicated service providers or grow the capability
    Mark Jones, Head of Operations, Resource Group
  • Short and safe integration of UAS through effective training and testing
    Michael Larsen, Head of UAS, UAS Test Center Denmark
  • UAVs in river habitat surveys
    Dr Richard Hedger, Research Scientist, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research - NINA
  • How is the UAV insurance industry evolving?
    Simon Ritterband, Managing Director, Insurance4Drones
  • UAV public sector training
    Sion Roberts, CEO, Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA)
  • Using developer access to extend and enhance the capabilities of UAVs
    Dr Simon Pomeroy, Lecturer/Electronic Engineer, Loughborough University

UAV Photography and Video Workshop

Running throughout the conference will be a workshop which aims to teach photographers, both amateur and professional, the tips and tricks for using UAVs to increase the tools in their photographic arsenal. Drones can get to places that a conventional camera could never take you, and can capture great swathes of landscape. They represent a significant development in the history of photography. Learn to use UAVs effectively, safely, and legally, and discover a new way of seeing the world.

Hosted by Academy Award winning photographer Gifford Hooper,  one of the world’s leading aerial filming camera operators whose work can be seen in Merlin, 24 Hour Party People, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Finding Neverland and 28 Weeks Later. His other credits include Top Gear and innumerable car commercials and music promos.





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