The Seminar Theatres  on the exhibition floor allow companies to present case studies to the high level delegates that circulate the floor. Anyone is free to attend these sessions giving unparalleled exposure to the end user market. 


Early confirmed sessions include


NQE PFCO Instruction – the practical approach
Cambridge UAV - Alan Perrin

Our Vision: Aerospace research development and innovation
NAC Malta – Alistair Paul Zammit

Selling out: Is someone profiting from your data, at your expense?
Centrik – David Hunkin

Commercial training for the public sector 
Rheinmentall - Sion Roberts

Drone control via the Mobile Internet / Drone fleet management with Globe UAV Solutions
Globe UAV - Jorg Brinkmeyer

The world’s first smart transmitter 
Yuneec – Sarah Ashley


The Regulatory Environment we live in
Thunder Tiger - Julie Garland

Bridging the gap between manned and unmanned aviation 
Unifly – Hans Schrauwen

UAV forest mapping 
UAVE - Grahame Grover

The 4th Industrial Revolution with Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service (A-DaaS)
Unmanned Life – Nicholas Zylberglajt

Intelligently bridging the physical and digital 
Analog Devices – Rober Scannell

The Future of UTM
ConsortiQ - Paul Rigby



Making LiDAR work for you – Processing and Exploitation
Hexagon – Benjamin Federmann

Jamming and Spoofing drones
Spirent -Guy Buesnel

Building a UAV Ecosystem
UAS Denmark - Michael Larson

Providing your drone with endless new uses
Workswell – Adam Svestka

Modifying Actuators for particular needs
Volz - Philipp Volz

Use of infrared cameras in security and disaster relief
Optris – Katie Johnson

Two steps at a time: bundling sensing potential and aircraft performance
Riegl - Philipp Amon

How do you actually scale Enterprise drone operations?
Sky-Futures - Chris Blackford

Safety benefits of using drones for inspection
Coverdrone - Andrew Heath

Drone Swarming and the next frontier for military
Lockheed - John Molberg

How to safely survey with a drone
Aerodyne - Rossi Jaffar

Professional Unmanned Operations and Safe Airspace Integration
Insitu – John Damush


The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Seminars Photo




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The Commercial UAV Show is two events: a world-class conference focused on the progression of the UAV industry; and, a technology exhibition showcasing the latest hardware and software innovations from the mega tech companies to the latest start-ups. To visit the show is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.

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