The usage of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), better known as drones, is expanding rapidly. UAS are too small to be detected by traditional air traffic control radar systems which are currently used to safeguard our airspace. If this situations continues without an intervention, these UAS will form a real threat not only for the safety of manned aviation but also for the overall security and safety of the public at large.

A management system allowing the safe and secure integration of UAS into the Low Level aviation network is urgently needed. This where UniFly created a solution, called SkyBridge. SkyBridge is an award-winning drone management software platform that allows the safe integration of low flying UAS into the aviation system while guaranteeing an equivalent level of safety in comparison with manned aviation.

SkyBridge, being the only drone application reaching the short list, won the runner-up price in the prestigious European contest SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research) SWIM (System Wide Information Management) Master Class 2014 organized by the SESAR Joint Undertaking.