The Prion Mk3 has a flight endurance in excess of 1000 kms or greater than 12 hours airborne before landing to re-fuel. Within the civilian market place this flight endurance sets aside the Prion Mk3 UAV platform as a unique offering with proven versatile payload options. Only military equipment is routinely flown with an endurance profile exceeding that of the Prion Mk3.

Deploy the Prion Mk3 for :
  • Offshore law enforcement
  • Onshore border surveillance and security
  • Offshore wind farm surveys
  • Aeromagnetic surveying oil & gas and minerals
  • Wildlife conservancy poaching deterrence
  • Humanitarian aid air drops into disaster areas
  • LIDAR surveying
  • Meteorological/scientific instrumentation surveys
  • High resolution aerial photography
Whilst we do not entirely discount our future development of smaller drones, the Prion Mk3 is the current platform utilised by UAVE Limited and we are actively seeking new clients in new market places for this high specification UAV.

UAVE Limited is a privately owned UK registered company with our office, training centre and workshop in Wales.