UAS Test Center Denmark


Starting in 2011 with Boeing´s first test flights in UAS Test Center Denmark, the idea developed that the facilities of the airport and the excellent infrastructure could form the basis for an UAS Test Center – located in Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense. Proudly we are now able to offer not only the needed airspace but also a newly renovated business park, where companies can establish themselves, as well as UAS Denmark, the National UAS Association currently comprising 50+ members. Development plans for extending the airspace for UAS, for example developing a UAS air corridor over water, and installing a photogrammetry field are progressing fast. We are also offering ground school in our Flight Academy. From commercialization of research projects to hub for international companies, UAS Test Center Denmark is a unique spot for UAS and UAS-related businesses. In close cooperation with the Danish CAA we have developed an airspace at UAS Test Center Denmark in Odense for testing and operating UAS. Due to this close cooperation we are able to offer a short and effective approval process. Our aim is to make UAS Test Center Denmark the number one spot for the national as well as the international UAS community in Northern Europe.