UAS Denmark


UAS Test Center Denmark Odense, Denmark is your entry point to the Danish and Nordic drone market and your hub for gaining valuable insights into the drone business via our modern and expanding test center and business park, that holds both operators, developers and research institutions. In addition to that, you get easy access to over 160 drone related enterprises via the national industry network, UAS Denmark.

UAS Test Center Denmark holds Denmark’s only test center facilities with airspace and a dedicated airfield for calibration and testing of equipment. Starting as far back as in 2011 with Boeing’s first test flights, UAS Test Center Denmark quickly became an important stronghold on furthering the industry. Thanks to the efforts and advice of UAS Test Center Denmark, the first drone regulation was adopted and came into effect in 2016.

Also in 2016, the Danish government revealed a comprehensive drone strategy that sends Denmark in front of both research and the use of drones. In this strategy UAS Test Center Denmark is mentioned as the place for practical testing, development and research in internationally attractive test facilities. 

Thus, our aim is to make UAS Test Center Denmark the number one spot for the national as well as international UAS community and an attractive test center, business park and drone hub.