We are an independent company offering the full spectrum of “off the shelf” and customised satellite products our industry provides.

We also provide tailor-made mobile satellite solutions complying with the needs and budgets of our customers. Our reputation for ability to rapidly respond to urgent operational requirements (UOR), our attention to detail and our reliability to “watch the job through” ensure long term customer peace of mind. We don’t outsource projects.

Satlink Ltd evolved in 1995. We are an Inmarsat Service Provider licensed to offer Inmarsat mobile satellite solutions as a valuable and portable instant resource to our customers worldwide.

Our clients emerge from various sectors including:
  • military
  • media
  • engineering
  • emergency services
  • construction
  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)
  • banking institutions
  • shipping
  • aviation
  • leisure-safari camps, mountaineering, yachting and rallying
  • mining and exploration.

As a smaller specialist company we pride ourselves on being a tight efficient unit. We don’t suffer the administrative burdens of larger companies that can hinder deadlines. We understand the importance of getting the order on the next available aircraft! Customer confidentiality is of paramount importance and access to customers’ call data records (CDRs) is controlled internally.

As an Inmarsat service provider, we have agreements with the four major Land Earth Station (LES) operators: Vizada, Stratos and Morsviazsputnik (MVS). This means our customers have four options available to route the call in the event of a LES suffering congestion, an outage or disaster as has been evident in recent years.

Through our VSAT teleport facility in Warwickshire, UK, we offer the larger static type broadband VSAT solutions in Ku and C band with fully controlled global coverage.